Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Humble Home

A Sewing Lesson by the Fire

I've seen so many lovely homes, beautifully decorated. . .  I see families with money for gifts, nice clothes and expensive food. More and more families are expecting larger homes with more conveniences. They want more than one bathroom, double sinks, and plenty of small appliances to do all the hard labor in the kitchen. Many homes today have dishwashers, bread machines and food processors. But none of these items were in Grandmother's home. None of these items were in my childhood home. None of these items are in my current home.

There can be simplicity and joy in a humble home. Families with very little can still have a nice life. They can have happy homes, with a small purse and few possessions.

Inside their basic dwelling should be diligence, hard work, love, and service. . .

Sometimes I wonder if the humblest of homes, with loving hearts of great faith in God, are the sweetest homes of all.

Mrs. White

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Dawn said...

Simplicity and joy seem to go together. I find that many times I opt for the hand gadgets in my kitchen as opposed to their electrical descendants. Using then cleaning a simple shredder is so much easier and quicker than using and cleaning all the parts of a food processor.
I enjoy all of your posts, and I have learned a lot.

Jessica Dimas said...

The sweetest homes I've ever been in were the most humble ones. Sometimes, having an expensive house with expensive things seems to make a house feel cold in my opinion. It's like walking into a catalog, not a home.

Anonymous said...

My home is nice sized and I do have a few conveniences, but I do not desire a bigger home. That would mean more clean and heat.
I truly enjoy your blog and it encourages me to be a better homemaker.

Cathy said...

So true. A dinner of herbs, with peace, is better than a feast where there is strife.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White, I have so blessed upon discovering your blogsite. God has used you in helping me become a better wife and mother an d keeper of the home. I grew up without such training and lessons and now I am 45 and am just now learning it. Thank you for being obediant to God and reaching out through your site. God bless you mightily. Rena