Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review - Where Wildflowers Bloom

Book - Where Wildflowers Bloom

Author - Ann Shorey

Publisher - Revell

This historical based novel was set during the time period after the Civil War.  Faith, a young adult,  lives with her grandfather.  They operate a mercantile in town.  Faith makes every possible effort to convince her aging grandfather to sell everything and head West to Oregon, which would be a very difficult journey.

There are two gentlemen interested in Faith. These characters are fascinating, and really help describe the way in which people lived in those days.  You can also get a good lesson on whether or not to trust certain people, and not be charmed by their words.

This book clearly shows strong hints of feminism.   I was disturbed by how rude Faith and her friend, Rosemary, were at times to men in the community. But I enjoyed reading about the homes and the items for sale in the shop.

*Disclosure - I receive this book for review purposes.*


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