Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mother Was Here

A Kitchen Interior

The baby kept me very busy today.   Sometimes, he will play happily on a quilt, or in his little seat. Then I can do the dishes, or start a load of laundry.  We all take turns holding him, while someone makes supper, a snack, or cleans up a mess. We work in the middle of the joy of this blessing of a baby in our home.

This afternoon, no one was around while I took care of baby and kept the house. The kitchen had its noon mess, waiting for attention.  While the baby played, I deep cleaned the stove top and one of the counters.  These two areas were spotless, while the other half of the kitchen was neglected.  But those clean sections brought me great happiness.  Looking at them, sent a precious message to say, "Mother was Here."

Years ago, my father used to joke about our childhood home. He said the house was such a mess that if the police had come, they wouldn't know if there had "been a struggle."  For the life of me, I cannot remember our house even slightly messy. This must have happened when we were all babies and toddlers.  But it is fun to imagine my very neat mother, with a messy house.  She knew what was most important.  I am sure she had clean spots in her house that sent the bless-ed message that, "Mother was Here."

We all know that babies don't keep.  Lately, I spend most of my time sitting by the window, in my grandmother's old rocking chair, holding her great-great grandchild, and wondering how happy she must be, smiling down at us from heaven.  

Each Mother, in each generation, leaves legacies, memories, creations and sweet lessons. Their diligent work in the home, and their caring for babies, is their greatest accomplishment in life.

How precious is the comforting evidence in our daily lives, that "Mother was Here."

Mrs. White

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Mrs Sarah Coller said...

What a blessing that you get to provide this peaceful place for your little grandbaby to learn and grow! I'm (semi) taking the day off today---sitting in the living room with all my little ones around me and just relaxing as I anticipate our newest baby coming along in a few short weeks. The time goes by too fast to not take a day now and then and just hang out, enjoying one another without the worry of school work, non-essential housework, etc. Hope you have a peaceful day today!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sharon! I have been absent for a while and just writing in the quiet on a private blog.

I tried to add your blog to my new blog reader once but it didn't work at the time and have so missed your posts.

I can't believe your a grandma! How much I have missed. Reading your posts are always part balm and part admonition to my soul.

Our circumstances are very similar in that we live quiet (and sometimes lonely) lives in New England and deal with health issues. It is always such a comfort knowing that just one state away exists an old-fashioned kindred spirit!

Soon I will open up my private blog with the new e-mail address, but I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten you!

Blessings and gentle hugs!

Cathy said...

Yes, incremental improvements, even small ones, can say Mother was here and she cares for you. Who ever said we have to get everything done in one day anyway? Especially with a baby or a few young children in the house!

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