Monday, October 22, 2012

The Morning Work

English Cottage I

The sun has not yet risen.  .  .  The house is quiet. . .  There is pleasant work waiting for me. . .  I turned on the parlour heater and will start polishing and cleaning before my family wakes up.

I will turn on some quiet classical music (Mozart) and I will work by lamp-light.   It will be a lovely morning of work.

When the family wakes up, all will be clean and neat. . . all will be well.  Their morning moods will not phase me, because I will have been in the quiet sanctuary of a godly home.  I will be prepared with the armour of kindness, patience, endurance, and I will be full of a slow and sweet temper.

This will happen because of the seclusion of my morning work.

Some rise early to run, exercise, or go to the gym. But this housewife rises early for the precious joy of keeping the home.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet read to begin my own morning.

Thank you.



Melissa said...

Yes! What a wonderful encouragement this morning! Thank you.

Helen said...

Mrs White, oh do tell us what your morning chores consist of while your family are still sleeping?

Mrs DB

momma-lana said...

I have jury duty this week and I am missing my morning hours of working while I am home alone. It really has made me appreciate the fact that I am at home doing my work on most days and not out somewhere else at a job.

Anonymous said...

Mrs White, I have been reading and loving your blog for a while. It's the first time I leave a comment. i just wanted to let you know that I find it very inspiring and comforting. Thank you. Roberta XXX