Friday, April 5, 2013

Comforts of The Old Estate

Tuscan Stone Houses

Old, quaint homes create a sort of ambiance that makes one cheerful.  One can even be imaginative and creative with one's life.  These types of homes are ideal for artists and inventors. 

In our old 1800's house, there is a large, sunny room on the first floor. It is warm and cozy.  I can read on the little Ethan Allen sofa that we bought at an auction, on the grounds of the home we now own. I can see the front property and enjoy the quiet seclusion of our "estate."

The reality of living in an old house, when one is of limited means, is suffering with cold and dreary rooms.  Any of us could give in to our difficult circumstances and dwell on that which is unpleasant.  We could certainly allow ourselves a few hours, or days, of indulging in melancholy moods, but then to emerge from that with a new zeal and excitement for the possibilities can make things so much better.

Does it matter that my Ethan Allen couch is designed with an odd color, or that it is ripped up and overly worn from age?  Only to onlookers.  To me it is very comfortable.  We keep it covered with a flowery bedspread, and a few throw pillows.  As long as the surroundings are neat and tidy, the couch adds a pleasant coziness to the room.

The Homemaker who calls her home an "estate," "cottage" or other such charming term, will find happiness in her daily tasks - making the home pleasant, because she has found a way to make the most of her circumstances.    She will not get caught up in the crankiness of family members. She will not get caught up in the neighbor's gossip.  She can be a bright light and a joy to those around her because she is dedicated to the ART of creating a comfortable, pretty home - with what she has.   This becomes her hobby, her vocation, her calling.

I'll admit it is easier to have an "estate" when one has an old house. But a beach house, an apartment, or a mobile home can inspire the residents to bring joy to their guests if the homemaker takes a little time to invent her own little retreat.   What would one call an apartment?  How about a "flat" (A London term), or think of the charming little places in Italy?  What about a mobile home? Could one call it a cabin? Or a camper in the park?  There are so many different types of places to live!  We just have to find a way to make them special and pleasant.  This will bring us comfort.  This will bring our family comfort.  This is what will motivate and inspire us to keep house, especially on those difficult days.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs. Whiteq for your heart of encouragement to be Homemakers. I love the way you express the simplicity and gentleness of Mother taking care of Home and family. I often struggle with the fact that my home is mot pretty enough but I must learn and you have helped me, to take joy in what my home is and it is the little cares that matter most....a clean tidy kitchen, a bathroom with a pretty hand towel on the basin, a nice tea cup with one rose in it (because I don't have a vase) next to the bed. My children will see that I delight in making a foxy clean home for them. I look forward to reading your post daily. Thank you for helping me to glorify Jesus in my life and home. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

It can kind of wear one down to live in a subdivision where every house looks basically the same and to not have the money to furnish it and decorate it as you would really like, BUT little touches do make a big difference, and any house can be a home if you want it to be.

Thanks for posting! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

Bible Babe said...

I have lived in so many trailer houses in my life, I actually considered doing a decorating magazine for them, and call it, AFTER THE WHEELS COME OFF.

Currently, my family lives in two wooden sheds that have been put together to form what I call a 'cowboy cottage', and we decorate it in a western style, adding lots of touches to make it comfy and homey.

I hope you feel better soon, dear lady.

Laura Lane said...

I appreciate your artistic way of thinking of home. I've got to get busy in a minute and make mine.~smile~

Ellen @ the Bluestocking Belle said...

What lovely words! I always feel happier after reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I lived in a little 1009 sq ft home. It was one of about 120 in a rather dumpy little neighborhood with two floor plans. Slowly we turned it into just about the cutest little house around. And I was also working hard on the inside...I traded house cleaning for getting my kitchen cabinet doors painted with chickens...some of which we had owned and loved years before. That turned that little kitchen into a place that I never wanted to leave! I gardened every inch of the small backyard and turned one area into an English country garden that was such a delite to relax in. We put much work into that little home and when we decided it was time to leave that area it sold in 5 days! The new owner walked into the kitchen and said that cabinets clinched the deal! I do sometimes miss that little place.
Mrs. White...I discovered your blog a few months ago...spent about a week devouring all you past entries and look forward to each new one now. You have blessed my life.

Deanna said...

Mrs. White,

I always enjoy visiting your place. Brings me joy.

Sweet Spring Blessings to you in your warm and cozy home. Your personality adds charm and peace!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you blogging again. You are right, it does make a difference to refer to our homes in the most flattering way possible. I live in what could be called an apartment in a housing complex. However, someone I know once said I live in a "town house". That was so kind, and I still like to think of it that way. I like the suggestions of the previous poster, who showed us how one can make their home stand out in a nice way, among similiar homes.

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I have been reading it for some time now and it always has such a calming effect. I live in an average sized home, but with three young boys it often feels too small. Since I read your post, I have been refering to my home as my "little cottage in the woods" and it has made a world of difference in how I perceive it. It feels cozy rather than too small. Thank you for some excellent advice!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

As always, Mrs. White, your post has been a blessing to me.
You are so very right in that our state of mind has so much to do with what we project, not only about ourselves but also our family.

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