Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Writing Out the Old Home Recipes

Reading and Writing Room on 'A' Deck.

Some of my grown children are asking me for our family recipes, so they can cook and bake in their own kitchens.  It would be very easy for me to write them out on index cards and ship them off in the mail.  But how much more fun would it be to make a little handmade booklet of family recipes, cooking hints, and little family remembrances to go with it?

I have some pretty green heavy stock paper. I can use this as a cover.  I will fold it in half, to make it resemble a little booklet. Inside will be plain white paper, folded as well.  I can staple this in the center to "bind" the book.

To have a little fun, I can title it something like, "Recipes from The White House,"  or "The Little Book of Cookery from The White House."  [One must find ways of enjoying one's name when the situation arises. - gentle smiles.]

I have 12 common dinner recipes, several lunches, and a few breakfasts.   To this, I will add some baking recipes, and economical snack ideas.  I will also write an estimate of how much each recipe will cost.

Yesterday, I had full charge of my kitchen. (In other words, I did all the work alone.)  I made my boys a nice lunch of homemade pizza.  I cleaned the kitchen throughout the day.  As the sun began to set, I asked one of them, "Will you be needing a baked good this evening?"  He didn't know what I meant by that (smiles).  So I translated, "Do you want me to bake something for you?" Well, of course He did!  I made peanut butter, chocolate chip muffins.  Then I told the boys I was off duty for the night and they were to have sandwiches or leftovers if they got hungry later.  I walked out of that very clean kitchen, with the dim lamplight shining on those delicious muffins.  . . These are the kinds of memories of home that my grown children miss.

I think it is more precious to take one's time creating things of lasting value that will be cherished.  My book of family cookery will be humbly made with humble recipes.   But it will take me a few weeks, as I sit by the window, in great-grandmother's rocking chair, and write out the history of our kitchen for the next generation.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea. My mother did this for all of 7 us kids over 35 years ago. I still use it constantly. Each time I reach for it I remember seeing her in the kitchen peeling or chopping or baking or frying something. =) Lori

Anonymous said...

I have a similar booklet from my mother. We did these in Vacation Bible School one year when my mother was our teacher. Our title was 'Tried and True Recipes'... I don't remember now, but I'm sure there was a Scripture link that helped us choose that 'Tried and True' title.
I treasure reading your notes on your blog!!
I'm 65 years young now & still remember making those recipes with my mother! I am instantly transported back to a small southern kitchen filled with love!

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Lovely and very handy idea to assist your grown children with Home made meals made with love.

Sweet Blessings to you this Spring,

Jackie said...

Mrs. White, I enjoyed your post today. I appreciate your gentle sense of humor and calm, peaceful home reflections.

anita crane said...

What a lovely idea! Could you use some pretty scrapbook paper? I have been cleaning out my "stuff".. and I have lots and would be happy to send you some.
Love anita

Jenny said...

Handwritten recipes are the most precious kind, turning a simple recipe into a cherished heirloom. Love is the "secret ingredient" in so many family recipes.

Jackie from NYC said...

That is such a wonderful idea. I'd like to do the same when my children are older and ready to leave our home. I'm already thinking of ideas - though my little ones are under 5 years old! haha. :-)

busymomof10 said...

Hi Mrs. White!

I'm trying to catch up on some old posts that I missed. (Mostly didn't have time to read blogs during the months we were moving!) I LOVE this post! I have done something similar for my family, but I typed up the family recipes and put them in page protectors and in a binder. I love what you are putting together for your children! I have an idea though -- I think you should put together your book of recipes into something you could sell. I bet many of your readers would love to have a copy of your "Recipes from The White House!" :) I totally LOVE that name! ;) Yes, I agree -- it is fun to have a little fun with one's name! :) That is why I named my blog "Yes They're All Ours!" :)

Elizabeth Ours

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