Monday, June 17, 2013

Walking the Gardens with Baby

Mrs. White on the front grounds of our Vermont home.

 I had my little grandson with me. He is 9 months old, and such a happy child. There was a sweet warmth in the Vermont air.  I picked up baby, and brought him out to my gardens.  Now, if you came to my house and looked at the grounds, you would see something far different than I do.  You would see a 3 story house that is in serious need of painting. You would see old porches and tired steps.  You would see little attempts at gardening throughout the land.  (gentle smiles)  But the world, as I see it, is a great Estate for us to explore. . . for baby and me

I showed him the lonely strawberry plants beside the front of the house.  The soil is not happy there. The plants need to be moved. But we checked on them anyway. 

Near the tired porch steps, there are 4 new rose bushes. (Mr. White had planted them for me this past Mother's day.)  I was surprised to see that flowers were starting to appear.  Baby delighted in my happiness as I explained it all to him.

We walked to the front and saw the lilies had stopped flowering.  These had been vibrant orange, sparkly white and robust yellow!  But the flowers had gone away, leaving only the green leaves and a memory.

Next, baby and I walked up to the back hill.  There are the blueberry plants and 2 happy strawberry plants.  There are several strawberries ripening and waiting to be picked! 

Near the hill is a sweet, rushing river behind the property.  It is framed by pretty trees and lots of plants.  There is a beautiful scent of the outdoors which make one happy.

Baby and I walked to the sad part of the land. . . Mr. White and I had planted starter seeds inside egg cartons and put them in our little greenhouse. Just like we did last year.  But a storm came, with lots of wind and rain.  The next day, we noticed it had fallen over and egg cartons were upside down in the grass. Baby and I like to visit that spot, each day. I say to him, "I wonder if my spinach will still grow?"  He smiles at me and wonders what I am talking about.  But I know, someday, we will have carnations and hollyhocks growing up with the grass.

Mrs. White

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Noelle the dreamer said...

How precious these times of exploration with a dear little one who delights in just being loved! Never mind the tired steps and the porch in need of paint...Love is everything!
God is good Mrs. White, what a gift!
Hugs and thanks for sharing such sweet times,

Dolores said...

I just love your beautiful, gentle posts. They soothe my nerves.

Wife, Then Mama said...

Very sweet :) I love taking little ones outside, everything is so amazing to them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet inspiration. It is a reminder for me to look at the simple beauty and loveliness all around.... and that attitude has so much to do with enjoying life to the fullest each day. Your grandson will surely profit from such a positive attitude!
~Mrs. H

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White.
Pleasant post.
Babies are so sweet! Especially our Grand babies.
Your little guy sounds wonderful.
They grow so fast.

God bless,

Suanna said...

It sounds like you have a beautiful piece of property. Thank you for sharing your walk with me.