Friday, June 21, 2013

It's A Wonderful Life - by a Sweet Pastor's Wife

For the last several months, I have been reading a book by Terrie Chappell.   She is the wife of  Paul Chappell, who is the Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in California.

The church, when they first arrived, was falling apart and in a terrible area. There were only a few congregants.  It now has a membership of over 7,000 people!

Mrs. Chappell is a homemaker and Mother of four grown children.  She is known to be a sweet, meek-hearted lady who loves the Lord. She is a dedicated Pastor's wife and is much loved by those in the congregation.

She was urged to write a book to encourage women.  "It's A Wonderful Life: Serving God Joyfully in Marriage and Ministry" is the result. 

This hardcover book consists of three sections and sixteen chapters. There are 257 pages.

Section One is about our Personal life.  This covers the definition of a godly wife, becoming a godly woman, preparing for ministry, etc.

Section Two is about Family Life.  She talks about balancing the family and the ministry, praying for your husband, developing memories, etc.

Section Three is about Ministry Life.  Here you'll find a wealth of wisdom on challenges in the ministry, hospitality, and being a blessing to your church family.

Terri writes as if she is standing before us, at a Mother's Tea, speaking in a friendly way; making us smile, laugh, and want to take notes!  She mixes her own life stories with beautiful lessons about living a godly life.  

She shares both practical ideas and humble encouragement.   Even though the book has a great amount of help for the wives of pastors, it is also greatly needed for wives of laymen.

Mrs. Chappell writes in a gentle way that makes you feel as if she is a dear friend.  I highly recommend this book to wives!!

For More Information, or to buy a copy:

- Directly from the Publisher:  "Striving Together Publications" - "It's a Wonderful Life."

*Disclaimer - I received a copy of this product for review purposes. This review is my own personal opinion. I would not recommend a book unless I sincerely found it to be beneficial.*

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