Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walking the Grounds with Mister

[Part of Mrs. White's front Property.]

 I was walking the grounds with Mr. White, in the early evening, here in Vermont.  We checked on the strawberry plants up on the hill.    We paused to watch the rushing river behind the property.  Birds were chirping, as we felt a gentle breeze.  Earlier in the day, I had helped plant radishes and spinach in a small raised bed in the front garden.  (My helping means I stand there while he does all the work.)   

Throughout the day, we had good-naturedly annoyed each other.  This is what best friends do.  We annoy and we laugh.  After decades of marriage, we understand communication.  We know to laugh instead of taking the jokes too far.  We know to make light of home life.

Mister led me to the picnic table on the front lawn.   He had spent the day mowing our 2 acres.  We were enjoying the reward of all his work. 

Rain started to fall.  Somehow, I managed to talk him into carrying me back into the house.  This is something he will only do for me once a year.  This was the perfect time. 

We made it to the front porch, as rain poured down on us.   It was time to get back to indoor housekeeping.  Dishes needed to be washed. Supper needed to be made.  I had laundry to fold.  But I was smiling and happy.  Our outdoor adventures on this cool summer day had been peaceful and pleasant.  Somehow I had forgotten about my broken down car, or being "trapped" at home.  I forgot about the bills, and the stress of life. 

We are enjoying the beauty of our Estate and waiting out the financial thunder and lightning and downpour.  And as we wait for the storms of life to pass, we wait joyfully and patiently for the next step; for the next orders from the Lord.  He will provide and take care of us.  In the meantime, I will walk the grounds with Mister and Keep house and I will be grateful.

Mrs. White

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Canaan said...

Thank you for this today. We are in a rental home and are unsure where the end of the year will find us and I am struggling with some minor chronic pain. This really encouraged me today.

The Long Awaited Home said...

Your property is beautiful. I would love for you to share more photos! What a lovely place to be "homebound"!

Laura Lane said...

What a beautiful memory you've made with your man. I'd love to see a photo of the two of you together sometime.

Grab for the joy and blessings that God extends to you this week. I pray financial blessings to come your way in Jesus' Name,
Harvest Lane Cottage

Karen Andreola said...

Strolling on the grounds after the grass is cut is refreshing (especially if someone else has just cut it). The fragrance of the green grass is delightful. And to enjoy it with one's beloved is even better.
Your front view is a neat and restful scene.
Karen A.

Debbie said...

I 100% love this post! What a beautiful picture of love, long marriage-life, and the beauty of appreciating what God has supplied, even when there are needs to be met.

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

So sweet that your husband carried you into the house! Did you feel like a young bride again? Hope you had a lovely 4th of July.