Thursday, June 27, 2013

Historic Summer Lessons at the Estate

[1936 Home Schooling in PA: Carl Mydens: Library of Congress]

With political upheaval happening all over America, our religious heritage must be taught repeatedly to the next generation.  Starting today, and during the entire month of July, I will be reading and teaching my last Home Schooled Student from Marilyn Boyer's Book, For You They Signed.  I bought this a few years ago, at a great discount from the Boyers, when I had money. It is an incredible investment.

Last Independence day, John (15) and I read The Declaration of Independence (1776) and studied all the signatures (in the beginning of Marilyn's Book).  We also read about the life of one of the signers.  It was thrilling, sad, and convicting.  This year, we will spend the month reading the entire book. This will become a tradition in our family - to remember, and to apply it to our  lives.

In this culture of endless entertainment - video games, computers, cell phones and movies, it is often hard to get students to sit still, to reflect, to concentrate and to think.  It is essential that we provide a routine of quiet study time, even if there are distractions happening all around us.  To be quiet and read despite the culture around us, is one of the greatest needs of our time.  We Home Schooling Mothers have to find a way to make it happen.

To Teach children to focus, we can play games of mental math drills, spelling drills and Bible trivia.  Many years ago, I had a group of children I was tutoring.  I also had an adjoining room full of preschoolers who were loudly playing.  The students sat in a row and had to listen to my random questions and answer as quickly as possible.  One of the children (around age 12) kept laughing and was distracted by the noise of the other children. We had fun, but I kept encouraging him and practicing with him, how to "tune out" the noise, and focus on the drills.   It was a wonderfully, productive afternoon.  We must teach our children to tune out the distractions around us, so they can learn and study essential truths.

John and I will spend a little time in the late morning, reading Marilyn's book.  We will find time in the twilight hours, and we will find time in the parlour, sitting in our antique chairs while supper is cooking. We will find the time and the concentration  to read the entire book and to reflect on the amazing Christian History of our nation.  I am sure we will be talking about it with guests and family members. It will spread, and it will infect us with courage and bravery to live God's way, even if no one else in this Country seems to.

Mrs. White

For More information about Marilyn's book, visit her store: "For You They Signed"

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