Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grandmother's Nursery

Library of Congress: "Teaching to sew" by Henry J. Bracker, 1890's.

We have done some rearranging and set up a little room as a nursery for the grandchildren.  The room is one of the smaller ones, with a gate at the door.  There are beautiful wood panelled walls.  There is a crib, toy box, little bike, and a big chair in the corner where I can read stories to the babies.

I want to find vintage photographs to put on some of the walls. We already have letters and such for educational purposes.  The room is a cozy, happy place where I will spend part of my day with my grandbabies. 

Of course I will still take them along with me when I am cleaning and cooking. They will be busily occupied in carriages or highchairs on the upper floors where my kitchen and parlour are set up.  They will happily watch and laugh while I vacuum.  We will also go out on the grounds of this estate to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine all through the spring and summer.

But a great part of our day, will be that joyful little nursery. This is where I will rock the babies and sing them lullabies.  This is where all my attention will be for them.  This is where I will not be busy with anything but the care and nurture of babies.

Grandmother's nursery is a happy place for the children.  This will be their domain and the place we will love to play.

In every home, there ought to be a quantity of time devoted entirely to children.  It goes by much too fast.  While it may seem like mother or grandmother is not doing anything at all, she is creating incredible memories and security in the hearts of the babies.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White.
What a sweet room this is. A delightful place to spend time with the grand babies. They do grow entirely too fast.

This week I was going through what I call the Grandma toys. These are the toys that stay at Grandma's. This area of the family room has morphed right along with the growing children. Time to refresh my collection. In late August, a new Grandson will be here.

Today was Lil Miss's last day of the first grade. She's 7 and a half. I started providing childcare for her when she was exactly one year old. I am making plans for our Summer together.

I enjoyed your post and think you must have beautiful Grandbabies!

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed having the extra bedroom set up for the grandchildren when they were little. It got changed throughout the years to keep them interested in new projects and books etc. I have seen rooms like you mention set up when I was a child myself. So sweet. They will enjoy it so and I know you will too! :-) I agree with you and Lady Lydia that we have pictures through out the house to inspire everyone. Not just pictures but ones that are special to our family and values. After a post by her years ago I switched out some of ours here. I so enjoy your inspirational posts. Sarah

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I have been required to work part-time lately. My 16 year old came to me all teary a bit ago and lamented that she missed having me home when she needs me. That made me sad.