Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nothing to Do in the World but Rock Babies


I have full charge of 2 of my grandbabies for much of the day.   We have set them up on a routine which is good for their health.  They get the "air" by going outside to play, and enjoy the sunshine.  They have their meal times and nap times. 

The other day, I had a fussy newborn and took her out on the front porch.  I snuggled her up with her Winnie the Pooh Comforter and rocked her in the chair.  It was such a pleasant day.  She drifted off to sleep.  One of the "Uncles" had the other grandbaby on the front property. The little one was toddling around having a marvelous time.  As I sat there with the children, I didn't think about laundry or cooking. I didn't think about the vacuuming. I thought that I had nothing better in the world to do but rock the babies!

Another day, the new baby would not be consoled unless I walked down passageways and staircases here at the old Estate.  I am sure that those in some of the rooms often thought a person was coming, but no one appeared!  Because we went up and down the stairs, over and over, and they creaked as we went. I can just imagine my daughter looking over her shoulder, towards the doorway, thinking that someone would be there any moment!  We do get amused over the littlest things around here. (gentle smiles)

Because it is so busy here, I have trouble getting supper ready. We tried to make it early in the morning to save for later. But that didn't work.  Yesterday, I did what little tidying I could around the care of the babies, but most of the work was not done until the little ones had gone to bed.  I made supper for the next day. It was beef stroganoff. This went into a casserole pan and was placed in the refrigerator for whoever had a minute to heat it up!  I also did the dishes, cleaned the rooms and made the parlour look nice.  This is what I will have to do each evening, so I can continue to have nothing to do but rock the babies all day!

Since we are losing our Internet, I have come to appreciate the longing for a quieter life.  When I was first notified a few weeks ago, by the great-grandparents who are in charge of such things here at the Estate, I was delighted! "Well, that is fine with me! I will just stop blogging." I was almost relieved!  Now, I love to write, and I love writing here, but I am constantly tempted to take on review jobs that are exhausting.  I honestly need a little forced break to quiet down for a season.  It was almost like the time when we lost our phone service. The company had made some mistake and the account had been compromised.  They shut off my phone and it took them weeks to set up my new service.  I didn't mind one bit, and I was happy to wait it out.  We had no phone for about a month or so?  What a delight that was to me! (gentle smiles)  Of course, there were difficulties when I couldn't talk to my grown children who live away from home.  I also had to retrieve an occasional message elsewhere when a need arose. But overall, I was happy without the phone.

I have come to accept these little "supposed" trials in life. They are a gift!  I am also looking forward to writing little letters and sending them out to any readers who want them.  I have already talked to many of you about this, and the response has been wonderful.  Very soon, perhaps in a day or two, I will explain how you can subscribe to my letters by regular mail. These won't cost you anything but a stamp! 

The babies are out with their Mother but will be back very soon. I have bottles to make and a kitchen to clean.  I have been watching old BBC programs of a series of Jane Austen movies and I love them.  I will find one and set it up.  I watch them in the afternoons while feeding the newborn. She  loves them too.

Mrs. White

PS:  I will post at least once more before the end of May, when I lose Internet.  Most likely, it is only temporary. Perhaps I will be back in a few months?  Be sure to watch for information on subscribing to my letters by regular mail.

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Laura Lane said...

I'll miss you. I've come to think of you as a friend even though miles separate us. Your positive attitude in trials has helped me greatly in my trials.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

P.S. I understand review pressures. The products are often a blessing, but it's easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you have to use a curriculum to evaluate it. That's why I dropped out of The Old Schoolhouse Review Team.

Lori Alexander said...

I just watched Pride And Prejudice and LOVED it! One of our grandbabies loves to be rocked to sleep. It is such a precious time. We go to Wisconsin every summer to my mom's cabin and there is no cell phone service there. My husband loves it since he doesn't have to talk on the phone to clients and can just rest. "In silence and trust is your strength." I love this verse.

ramona said...

I would very much like to hear from you once your internet is turned off. I'll keep watch for your next/last post. Enjoy your unplugged new freedom ;-)

Tammy said...

I think I would enjoy getting something in the mail even more than on the internet! Letters are too rare these days... I will watch for your update on that:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! They have been a big encouragement to me!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I will miss you too. I know what it's like to be glad for imposed rest from something. When I lent my car to my son for a school year, it was such a blessing to be "forced" to stay at home. And I really enjoy power outages! You are really blessed to have babies to rock. How wonderful!

Gee said...

I too would love to get a letter in the mail. How do we go about that? =)

Elle said...

I definitely want to get your letters. You have been such a great encouragement to me. I'm gonna miss you.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I went and got myself lost somewhere here I was enjoying the "Suppertime" and hit something by accident and now can't find my way back there again. That song was one of my mother's favourite songs to sing! I am going to miss your posts!

Lori said...

Thank you, Mrs. White, for the time you have taken to share your home with us! I feel as though I have a friend, a kindred spirit. I hope you will post an address. I have always loved "snail mail" letters the best!

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