Saturday, December 1, 2018

Christmas Snow Storm in Vermont

Snowstorm in the evening at Mrs. White's Vermont Estate

A few days ago, we had a heavy snow storm which lasted for days.  Beautiful, peaceful snow fell  day and night.   We lost phone service the first morning.  It was restored by afternoon.  Next, the Internet went out.  This was not working for a couple of days.  We were grateful for the warmth of our cozy wood stove.  We enjoyed the beautiful view out the front picture window.

Papa has already decorated the property with Christmas lights. To make me happy, one snowy evening, he turned on the lights of our outdoor Christmas tree.  Then he had me go outside with him to see the amazing sights.

Christmas Tree at Mrs. White's Vermont Home

 Papa brings out our Christmas tree, from his garage, every year and sets it up out front. He built a special stand to hold it securely in place.  The very large Christmas trees, behind it, are heavy with snow.  They have grown too tall for him to decorate.  They make our 6 - foot tall artificial one look tiny by comparison!

Papa took these pictures with his own camera.  This morning I asked if I could share them with you here.  We spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get the pictures from his camera to my computer.  We did not understand the fancy technology, but finally discovered an easy way to do it.  We simply took out his memory card and placed it into an attachment which then plugged into my computer.  I thanked Papa for letting me share his pictures.

One of the things that make me smile are the sights of Christmas. They are so peaceful and cheerful.  In the evening, as I walk in the parlour, setting things to right, Papa will say, "look outside and see your Christmas tree."  This means he has turned on the lights.  I love to see them!

The snow outside is thick and heavy. We have enormous snowbanks all through town. It is classic Vermont at this time of year.  I hope to find a small nativity to set up on my sideboard table.  I want to start getting things ready indoors for a happy Christmas season.  This makes the children and grandchildren delighted with home and family.  It is a special time of serving others and helping to bring happiness to those around us.

We will be singing a lot of Christmas Carols. Our favorites are "The First Noel" and "Silent Night."  I want the grandchildren to learn them all and to love them just as we do.

This is the time to bake cookies and make fudge. This is the greatest season to practice homemaking and hospitality.  We welcome guests out of the cold winter world.  We usher them in to sit by the warmth of the firelight. We offer them coffee, hot soup, and fresh bread.  We give them a place to rest and to delight in the prettiness of the season. 

All worries are pushed aside.  We give our troubles to the Lord, in prayer, and then we go about our home-keeping. We remember to "do all to the glory of God."  This will give us peace and joy, as it cheers the hearts of our families.

May you have a blessed December.

Mrs. White

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Sallie Borrink said...

Vermont is such a beautiful state. I have only been there in the autumn, but hope to make it back to see the other seasons. Thank you for sharing a peek into your Vermont Christmas. :-)


Billie Jo said...

What a beautiful sight!
I loved how you described your cozy snowstorm.
I can see it in my mind. : )
I plan to spend the Christmas season much the same as you, warm and cozy with the ones I love!
Have a nice evening!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Makes me think of the old movie White Christmas.
"It must be beautiful in Vermont this time of year with all that snow!"

Laura Harvest Lane Cottage

Frugal in the USA said...

Beautiful. I love decorated trees.
I have been collecting manger scenes all my marriage. None are expensive but I love them. They, and candles make up our decorations.

Karla said...

Absolutely beautiful post Mrs. White. Your Christmas tree is like a warm beacon with your home tucked away in the snow behind it. Reminds me of bygone days when people put a light in their window to guide people through the dark or storms to the safety of the home. You truly inspire us to see and enjoy the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas. Thank you for that. A blessed week to you and your family. A hug across the miles, Karla

Marmee said...

So very beautiful! My dream is to one day visit Vermont. Your writings make it sound even more charming. What a dear husband to setup the tree. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.

Christine said...

Thank Papa, for me, because the tree is amazing and the pictures are wonderful! Magazine worthy.

Our grandchildren love to play with all my nativity scenes. I have several they can play with.

Enjoy preparing for Christmas.
PS; the snow is pretty.

Homemaker' said...

Your outdoor tree is SO lovely. I've always wished that people who live out in the country would do this so that passersby would get a pretty surprise. Your post was lovely. Thank you. Mary S.

Mama to 12, so far said...

That is just a beautiful story and pictures. thank you for sharing with me.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Such a lovely post Mrs. White. Your Christmas tree looks magical out there in the snow surrounded by those beautiful trees. It's sometimes not so bad to be snowed in when you have a cozy fire to sit by with a nice cup of tea! xo Deborah

Janine said...

Lovely! Those trees do make yours look tiny. I was surprised to read it was 6 feet tall! I love the snow scene on your book Economy for the Christian Home. My brother saw the cover and said, "I want to be there!"

April said...

Beautiful trees! I have never been to Vermont, but it is on my list.

living from glory to glory said...

Lovely, I think the song Holy Night fits the winter scene beautifully!
The wood stove burning bright, may all your hopes and dreams for a cozy home for the winter months and of course the Christmas season be bountiful!
May all your Christmas's be white...
Hugs, Roxy

Mrs. White said...

Thank you all so much for the excitement you share with me about our Christmas trees!

Sallie, you must have loved being in Vermont in Autumn!

Billie Jo, I hope your Christmas season is a lovely one!

Laura, I haven't seen "White Christmas" in a long time. I will have to watch it soon!

Sandy, Collecting manger scenes is such a good idea. They have so many different kinds. Those and candles sound so peaceful as decorations.

Karla, you description is inspiring! Thank you so much!

Debbie, I hope you can visit Vermont someday! Thank you!

Christine, I told my husband what you said. He was so happy! Thank you! God bless you and your family!

Mary, Thank you! I love seeing all the beautiful outdoor lights at Christmas time. They bring such joy!

Christina, Thank you!

Deborah, Thank you for your sweet encouragement. Yes, it is sometimes nice to be snowed in!

Janine, Yes, It is hard to believe the tree is 6 feet tall! It doesn't look that way at all, unless we are right next to it! I love what your brother said about the cover of the book! Thank you!

April, I hope you can visit Vermont. Thank you!

Roxy, Yes, "Holy Night" is a perfect song! Thank you so much! God bless you!

Meditations in Motion said...

Your outdoor Christmas tree is so pretty in the snow. Thank you and Papa for making it possible to share with all of your readers. Hope your Christmas is a wonderful one!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Thank you, Mrs. White, for sharing your story of the lovely Vermont snow storm and outdoor Christmas tree. It is a charming post! I have never been to Vermont although we did have our short honeymoon in New Hampshire many years ago. We have a friend who lives in Vermont who spent a lot of time here on PEI. He always says that Vermont and the New England States in general are much like our Island. Blessings to you...Sandi

Mrs.T said...

Beautiful post, Mrs. White, and a beautiful little tree out amongst the huge undecorated Christmas trees!

We have a little fir tree out by our garage and we have a string of colored lights on that. It's very pretty, but I like your tree among the trees even better!