Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mother Culture by Karen Andreola

Paperback BookMother Culture: For a Happy Homeschool

Pages - 345

Publisher - Charlotte Mason Research Company, LLC

This is such a charming book in so many ways.  The front and back cover illustrations are stunningly beautiful.  They evoke a calmness and a happiness for motherhood and homemaking.

 Inside, you will find more than 80 gorgeous, black-and-white vintage illustrations, many of them covering an entire page.  These are so peaceful and inspiring to see.  There are so many that I love, but the one on page 267 is my favorite. It is of a husband and wife, out walking in the snow.  The husband is holding an umbrella to shield and protect his wife from the weather.  He is looking at her so sweetly.  They are dressed in beautiful clothing, perhaps from the 1800's.  You will get a glimpse into another time in history - of the peacefulness of home and family - from the old days - just by looking at all the illustrations.

These pictures are so much fun to see.  One morning, I had been reading this book and placed it on an end table when my grandchildren arrived for a visit.  My 4 - year old grand-daughter immediately saw the book and picked it up.  (It is a thick and heavy book. I wondered if she could lift it!)  She sat right down on the parlour couch and spent a great deal of time looking at all the wonderful pictures.

There are 40 chapters with such titles as "Mommy's Mittens;" "Bringing Back the Moral and Patriotic Stir;" and "A Walk will Do You Good." I have read about half of the book so far - here a little- and there a little. Each chapter is full of calming words of encouraging wisdom.  There are many thoughts to ponder and to bring cheer and peace. 

Karen also shares personal stories from her own life which were fascinating to read.  (I found myself smiling frequently. She has such a charming sense of humor.) There are little quotes sprinkled throughout the book from Charlotte Mason, H.W. Beecher, Charles Spurgeon, Milton Berle, and many more.  There are questions at the end of each chapter - to help us apply the lessons to our own lives and circumstances.

Each chapter is thick and full of ideas, wisdom, encouragement, and provides a rich education for the reader - in both motherhood and homeschooling. 

Readers will come away from reading this book with a sense of relief.  They will have obtained a dose of courage to live each day with a happiness and a focus on the beautiful task of motherhood, wifehood, and home education.

I am remembering all my 25 years of homeschooling my own children.  Each spring, when the tax refund came in, I would order all our school books for the coming year.  I would also choose a few books for myself.  These were ones that would give me encouragement and happiness as a mother and home teacher.  Karen's new book, Mother Culture:  For a Happy Homeschool is one that I would have jumped to purchase immediately.  It will get any mother through many school years.  It will help bring her rest, peace, support, and wisdom for each day.  It is an excellent book.

*Disclosure: This book was received as a gift.

Mrs. White

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Christine said...

What a wonderful gift to give to a daughter or friend. Since I'm not in that season, but would love to share encouragement to someone special.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Great review! Can't wait to start reading my copy.

Karen Andreola said...

Dear Sharon, How fun to read your review of my book, today. Thank you for taking the time to write out your paragraphs in explaining it. I know the effort involved in choosing words wisely - because I write by inches. It is so good to know that you found Mother Culture affirms your purpose for home and family - and that you picked up on the humor. - Karen A.

Amelia said...

Thank you for sharing, I'll have to read this one! It sounds right up my alley so to speak! : )

Hope you are doing well dear one!

Love, Amelia

Sandi said...

Love this!