Saturday, June 8, 2019

Simple Days at Home

Library of Congress: A Farm Worker's Home 1941 Idaho

There is such a thing as a pleasant routine for homemaking.  It may seem ordinary to some, or not very exciting to others. But the basic work of housework and of spending time with family is a wonderful way to enjoy our days at home.

Baking in the Kitchen -

I spent the other day baking muffins, brownies, and homemade pizza.  The sun was shining brightly through the windows. I could hear the birds singing sweetly, and the rushing sound of the river behind the property.  As I worked in the kitchen, the family came in- and- out to get a snack, or to visit with me.  I also listened to a precious sermon on my kitchen radio as I was making the pizza. This was the hardest part of my kitchen work - to make the dough and prepare all the pizzas. So the encouraging sermon was a joy to hear as I did the hard work.  It was a blessing!

Playing Games with the Family -

I have found that playing cards or classic board games with teenagers and young adults is a wonderful way to laugh and talk and visit.  One of my sons (in his 20's) was getting ready to go to work, but had about an hour of leisure before he had to leave. I brought out the word game - "Boggle" and we had the most wonderful time finding words using the three minute "hourglass" timer.  He left for work in a cheerful state of happiness, and with a love for home.

The Gardening -

Part of the day was spent in walking the property. I checked on my lilacs out front. They are beautiful and have such a wonderful scent!  I picked some to put in a mason jar on my kitchen table.  Then I walked out to the back grounds and checked on my blueberry bushes and strawberry garden. I saw that I needed to weed the garden, but because I am a known neglecter of plants, I did not do the work. I will get to it very soon, perhaps later today.  Once I start the work, in the sunshine of the day, I know it will be a pleasant task.

The Laundry and the Cleaning -

I gathered up some clothes to wash.  Then I did a little dusting and sweeping in the parlour. As the clothes went through the cycle of the machine, I straightened pillows, and did a little organizing.  I hung up some of the wet clothes to dry, and then arranged my lilacs to look extra pretty on the kitchen table.  The work of tidying and making things look pretty brought me a great deal of happiness.

Winding Down the Day -

The supper hour will always be a favorite time for me.  It is when all are called to a pretty, set table to enjoy a home -cooked meal. We hear the prayer from father, thanking the Lord for the food, then we enjoy the nourishment and gentle conversation of pleasant things.  As the sun sets, all the curtains and drapes are closed.  Soon it is Bible time and the singing of hymns.  We hear the Scripture read and take our turn reading. The we sing an old, classic song from the hymn book to warm the heart. 

Another simple day has ended.

These are just the pleasant joys of family time and homemaking.  We can all have these happy times with a great deal of peace if we make the effort to do them regardless of our circumstances.  Are there moments of conflict?  Is there a time of sadness or some worry?  Then when peace is restored, get back to the simple tasks of making a home.  We do the good things, in the middle of normal trials of life.  This is what brings peace and happiness to our homes.

Mrs. White

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Amelia said...

This is just beautiful, it is! I can relate to the simple rhythm of a happy home coupled with contentment. If we will just slow down to a nice cadence, to hear those birds sing as we joyfully work with our hands...Doing the next thing. Oh what a joy! I love the board games too...We used to do more of that and then as the girls approached adulthood with jobs and things that stopped, and it's a company thing when their guests come now. But that's okay. : ) I enjoyed reading your day...Lilacs. Oh they are so beautiful now. We have several, it's nice to read of yours. I also enjoyed reading about your family suppers, we too value those and now, most of the time the family dinner table is hubs and I but ya know? It's still just as fulfilling. Old sermons are wonderful too, what a nice godly balance you have there.

I really enjoyed reading your day. I wish I had a neighbor like you! : )

Love, ~Amelia

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful! This is the plan given to us by God. Thanks for writing on it and sharing your experience.

Christine said...

There is something so comforting about reading, how women spend their day. That's why I enjoy blogging. I don't compare myself, just enjoy knowing that others enjoy being home,too! It just warms my heart!

Joyful said...

It's a beautiful, peaceful way to live.

Billie Jo said...

Oh my goodness!
I so loved reading this tonight.
I feel the same way and strive to live this way.
Lilacs are my favorite.
My mom had a beautiful bush in our yard when I was young, and the smell of them takes me right back to my childhood.
Thank you for sharing, and for letting me know that others are out there, living and loving life as I do.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Just a lovely day. Not stressed or rushed, but simple and beautiful. xo

Jessica R said...

I loved reading about your simple homemaking routine! So peaceful and stable. Yes, that is what I aspire to for our family, too. :)

fiona said...

Thank You for sharing,
I so enjoyed reading this.

Jean | said...

Mrs White, I so loved reading this beautiful picture of domesticity. AND the old photo of the clothesline. I have a clothesline strung up on the long patio just outside my kitchen, and I love looking it. I know some would consider it an eyesore and just use the dryer, but it is a comforting sight to me.