Friday, September 13, 2019

Tour of Vermont - Scenic View of the Countryside in Summer

Early Morning in Summer - at a lake near Mrs. White's Vermont Home.

This is the Sixth post in my series of touring Vermont.  (Please click on any picture to make them larger.)  I have lived in this state for 16 years and rarely stopped to look at the sights.  Starting in 2017, I made the effort to stop and visit some of the places that I see on my travels. This does not mean that I would need to spend money, but that I would take a few moments of rest and visit some of these places, instead of just rushing through life and never taking a scenic break.

The tour:  A Scenic View of the Countryside in Summer.

On my travels through the state, over the last couple of summers, I stopped to get some photographs to share.

Cows and Farmland.

 There are many beautiful farms we can see as we drive on the main roads throughout the state. The grass is so lush and green in the summer months.

Barn at Roadside.

I love the mountain views behind the farms.   These are country roads and are very peaceful.

A Farm in the distance.

You will not see these views in the cities of Vermont.  But they are lovely to see on the outskirts of the busy towns.

One of the Lakes on a country road.

There are many lakes in the state.  Some have sandy "beach" type areas near the water. Others just have grass and mountains. They look almost untouched.  Since there are no billboards allowed here, and very few signs, it can be a peaceful retreat to spend time here.

A Charming Pink House in a Tourist Area of Southern Vermont.

 I was intrigued, this summer, when I drove by a lovely pink house in southern Vermont!  There was a great deal of traffic on this road. It was right near a busy tourist area.  On my way back home (from an appointment) it was much quieter in the area, and I was able to stop and get a picture.

This is the same lake as in the first picture. It is near Mrs. White's home.

There is a beautiful lake near our home. It has a boardwalk and benches.  There are also boats. It reminds me of my Massachusetts home, where we had many yacht clubs.

An early Morning view of a lake, with boats, near Mrs. White's home.

I hope you enjoyed the sights! Thank you for reading!

** My next stop will be - Life in 1910 -  Lincoln's Home at Hildene.**

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Lana said...

I lived in a pink house when I was a child. It had been my grandparents house and my grandmother's favorite color was pink so the pink house. It was easy to tell people which house was ours! We have a beautiful lake near us. We often take our breakfast there in the summer months. it is a peaceful respite for an hour and we always come away refreshed by just seeing the view for that hour.

Elizabethd said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to view those amazingly beautiful landscapes. The sense of space is wonderful. I suppose we might see that in Scotland but our little country feels so crowded, expecially when I see views like yours.

Amy Johnson said...

Vermont is such a beautiful state! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

Cheryl said...

I can't get over that pink house! SO pretty! I really enjoyed seeing the photos and taking the tour with you. I have never visited New England but have always wanted to. We used to have a cassette tape called "Autumn in New England" that had some of the most beautiful piano tunes I have ever heard. That came to mind today as I was visiting your blog. Enjoy the glorious autumn that will soon unfold and grace with such beauty! Many blessings to you, my friend!

Jennifer Williams said...

I love the photos of your tour of Vermont! I have only been through Vermont twice, but my husband and I really fell in love with the countryside and quaint towns. And we were so impressed with the "no billboards" rule because everything seemed so clean! We don't have that policy down here in Texas. You are fortunate because it makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Mrs. White said...

Dear Lana,
Your grandmother's pink house must have been incredibly charming.
Having breakfast by the lake sounds so peaceful. Thank you!

Mrs. White said...

Dear Elizabethd,
I have never been to Scotland, but I have seen such lovely pictures. I do feel very blessed to be able to see these scenes regularly. Thank you!

Mrs. White said...

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much! I enjoyed sharing the pictures and am happy you enjoyed seeing them.

Mrs. White said...

Dear Cheryl,
I could not believe it when I saw that pink house, just in the middle of everything. It was stunning! I am so thankful the traffic had calmed down enough for me to stop and get a picture to share.

I love the sound of a piano playing. I am sure your tape must have been lovely to hear!

I am looking forward to the changing of the leaves here. It has already started to happen!

Mrs. White said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am delighted that you have visited Vermont! It is so charming and peaceful in the countryside. You are right, the lack of billboards makes an enormous difference! I am thankful to hear you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you!

Willemien said...


Karen Del Tatto said...

My husband and I love Vermont. I particularly love the farmland especially the farther north in the State you go. Our favorite town is Woodstock. We finally made it back there this summer. It felt like going home.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. It was a treat to visit here today. :-)

Joanne said...

So pretty and peaceful! I just love those morning on the lake photos. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home Pinned.