Monday, October 18, 2021

Last Days of Leaf Season in Vermont

Leaf - framed view of the sky at Mrs. White's Vermont Home.


I have been greatly distracted by the scenery for the past few weeks. Each time I walk outside, or go out on an errand, I want to stop and gaze at the beautiful autumn landscape.  



Some of the trees at Mrs. White's home.


There are certain times of the day when the sun is glistening through the leaves which is most stunning.

The River bordering Mrs. White's property. 

We had the grandchildren over and they enjoyed our playground with all the leaves around them.  When there is a bit of wind, it will rain leaves.  They blow and fall like snow.  It is delightful.

A park bench at the playground on the grounds of Mrs. White's home. 


I have been stopping by the roadside to take pictures of lakes, ponds, mountains, and tree-lined streets.  It is a beautiful time of year.  


As the days of autumn wind down, the trees are emptying of their colors.  They are getting reading for a long, cold, winter.  It will not be long before the frost and the snow come to Vermont. 

Yet, each season has its beauty.  It is restful just to look at nature around us, each day, to bring peace and a thankfulness to God.


Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Such BEAUTIFUL fall pictures from your home in Vermont, Mrs. White! I so enjoyed looking at them. I live in Illinois and we are starting to see the beautiful leaves here. We always take a drive north along the Mississippi River to see the lovely leaves. We will be doing that this Friday. Thanks for showing your pictures. Enjoy God's beauty in your own backyard!
God bless,
Kathy in Illinois

Glenda said...

Your view is lovely around your property. I always look forward to a post from Mrs. White. I have read all of your books over and over and am always encouraged by the calmness and peace your words put forth.

Amelia said...

Oh! That blue sky behind the golden leaves! Gorgeous!

All your photos are wonderful. I'm going to try to find some pretty leaves today so my little grandson tots and I can make some leaf people one day this week with googly eyes like only a Mi Mi can do and share. ; ) A blessing.

Blessings to you Mrs. White! *You* are a blessing! Love, Amelia

Mama to 12, so far said...

Wow. It is all so beautiful. Our leaves down here in the south have just started turning and falling in earnest. You're at the end of the season. Just beautiful! Thanks for shaing.

gail said...

Your pictures Mrs White are so lovely. You live in a very pretty area as we do here over on the East Coast of Australia.
It is spring here now, however there has been a lot of wind and rain over these last few weeks and it really has not felt yet like spring.
Have a lovely week.
Blessings Gail.

Leslie McKinley said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely autumn leaves of Vermont. Each season can be glorious, but I understand that Vermont's autumn landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,

I look forward to reading your comments very much and also appreciate the kindness and peace you generate through your writings.

Love, love autumn and all its splendor! I am now living in NC having come down from CT and MA in 1992 and miss the beauty of the brilliant colors from there. NC has beauty, too, but usually in a more subdued tone, at least in my area.

There have been a few times when we experienced snow with more than a few inches which made me feel at home. :) Usually a few days of warmth takes care of the driveway all on its shoveling required which is good at our age.

Wish the Lord's blessings on you and your family.


Mrs.T said...

Such lovely photos and thoughts, Mrs. White! We are "next door" in New Hampshire, and much of our pretty foliage has left the trees due to wind and rain. There are still some lovely individual trees, however. We made a trip to the Great North Woods to assist an older friend, and even way up there there are still some pretty orange and red trees. I think we exclaimed at nearly every one.

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White, Gorgeous pictures of Autumn! I wish Autumn lasted longer than what it does before turning so cold here in Kansas.