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The Prentiss Study Deluxe Edition Devotional Bible Study

"Prentiss Study"

90 - Day devotional study, For A Peaceful, Old Fashioned Bible Time.

In October of 2009, I created a Bible study program called, "The Prentiss Study." It was originally a free download consisting of 50 pages of daily assignments.  An expanded, deluxe edition has just been completed. It is now available as a book.


The new deluxe edition includes these special features:

- Introduction by Mrs. Sharon White

- Portrait of Mrs. Prentiss, from 1882.

- About "Stepping Heavenward," including reviews written in 1871.

- Detailed directions for the study with inspiring details from the letters of Mrs. Prentiss. 

- Instructions for an optional Group Study format called, "The Prentiss Study Club." It also has 12 weeks of weekly check-ins for those who want to do the program with others.

- The Study itself has 90 days of assignments with a place to check off each item as completed.

- A brief biography of the Prentiss family at their summer home in Dorset, Vermont (in the 1800's). This includes details of their family life, and photographs taken in 2019 by the author of this study, Mrs. White, when she visited Dorset a few years ago. You will see a little of the town and the Prentiss home. 

- Reference notes include details of sources and other helpful information and guidance.


 In addition to having a copy of "The Prentiss Study" book, you will need the following in order to do the study:

- Your Bible. (I use the KJV.)

- A copy of the 1800's book, Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss. (This is a fictitious journal, which has inspired and changed women all over the world.)

- A journal or notebook to record your diary entries.

- Access to hymns or gospel music.

- Time for Prayer each day.

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  Below you will find a link to each edition of "The Prentiss Study Deluxe Edition." It is available in both paperback and hardcover.  Both editions are 105 pages.  The hardcover edition is especially sturdy and beautiful and will make an excellent addition to any home library. 

The Prentiss Study Deluxe Edition paperback.

105 pages, 6 x 9.

ISBN: 978-1956616040


The Prentiss Study Deluxe Edition hardcover. 

105 pages, 6 x 9.

ISBN:  978-1956616057




 "Excellent Addition to your Devotional Bookshelf . . . . "

"Prentiss Study the Deluxe Edition is an expansion of an original study that the author offered on her blog The Legacy of Home. Although I was interested, I confess that I never used it when it was available there. However, this book intrigued me because of the added material--contemporary reviews of Stepping Heavenward and information about the Prentiss Family in their summer home in Vermont. I bought it and I'm glad I did. I'm doing the Study alone and it has greatly enriched my devotional time. I would also like to use it for a group study in the near future. My suggestion is that you also invest in the Legacy of Home Edition of Stepping Heavenward since it goes along with the Study and the pages match. However, this isn't necessary if you're willing to find passages and already have a favorite copy. As final note, the Study may appear simple at first, but the further you go, the deeper it grows. Brava, Mrs. White! "

- ladybudget, from Amazon


 If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help if you will write a review on Amazon. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

- Also available from The Legacy of Home Press:


Stepping Heavenward - The paperback edition:

ISBN # 978-1956616002

295 pages.

6 x 9




Mrs. White


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Deanna said...

Merry Christmas and Noel, Mrs. White! I look forward to reading this book.
Blessings always,
~d on the Prairie

Amelia said...

Oh this sounds interesting, I'll be looking into the new book, we need good Bible study books.

Merry Christmas to you!

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