Monday, December 26, 2022

Staying Home for the Winter

 Flowers at Mrs. White's Table in Vermont.

The cold has settled in amidst the beauty of a snowy winter landscape. This is the time of year when it is better to just stay home as much as possible.  I often think how lovely it would be to take a walk on our property and just slowly take in the beauty of the season. 

Often, in the early evening, after the sun has set, my husband will offer to take me outside to walk down the long driveway and see the Christmas lights on the house. We usually leave them up through the cold winter months. They bring a sense of cheer and a happiness that brightens the mood.  He only asks me this when there is a gentle snow falling because it adds to the beauty of the experience.  I only accept this offer on rare occasions because, to be frank, it is far too cold for me.

When we return from this kind of walk, it is hard for me to get warm. I bundle up with blankets and pretty house coats and stay close to the fire.  A chill sets in that is hard for me to shake.  I will have a hot cup of tea and read a nice book while I recover from the cold.  Then I comfort myself by saying, "I am not going out there again until spring."  I want to stay home for the winter.

On errand days, I realize I must wear my warmest winter things and do the grocery shopping. I am grateful I don't have to go alone. Usually one of my grown sons goes with me.  It is a tremendous help to have someone along who can help in the work.  It is an exhausting ordeal to be out in the elements, with wind and snow and cold.  But the beauty and the serenity of the vision makes it a worthwhile blessing. 

I am always so grateful to have a warm and cozy home to come back to.  I am also thankful I don't have to go out very often.  

This is the time of year to sit by the window and enjoy the view. It is the time to sew and read and putter about the house, doing little projects.  It is also the most wonderful blessing when company stops by for a visit! These are our grown children and grandchildren.  This is the most lovely time of hospitality.  We usher the guests into the home and help them get warm and comfortable.  We sit by the fire and visit and laugh, enjoying the fellowship.  Being together, at home, is the greatest form of recreation.

Home is the center of our lives.  It is the place I always want to be. I find I am most grateful for this place in the coldest winter months when I really must stay at home. Being snowed-in can provide a beautiful lesson in simple living and old fashioned ways.


Mrs. White

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Elizabethd said...

Home is indeed the centre of our lives, Mrs White. Like you, I have no desire to go out in the cold cold weather. I love just being at home, and even though I'm now 'home alone', there are still many comforts to be had.

Anne Payne said...

I would much rather be at home than anywhere else, especially when it's cold. It's been brutal here in our area, which is kind of unusual and thankfully not a regular occurrence. I hope your Christmas was blessed and peaceful!

Cate said...

I am curious why your husband does not take you shopping?

Kimberly H said...

Dear Mrs. White, I am in complete agreement with you! Wisconsin has been in a fantastic blizzard all this week and I’m glad for all the things I made and put into the freezer for just such times. I hope this finds you feeling a bit better and that your Christmas was merry. I am working on a cross-stitch of a Currier and Ives scene and enjoying my annual pursuit of all things Dickens:). Thank you for your post. I’m always glad I’m not alone in pursuits of the home.

Billie Jo said...

Hello! I am like you, Mrs. White. My favorite place to be in the cold, dark winter is home. Home is the place I feel most cozy. Stay warm and cozy up there. And I loved your recent book! I left a review on Amazon. : )

Amelia said...

Yes! : ) Home, sweet home. Amen, amen and amen!

There's nothing like it, thank the good Lord we have homes. ...Some don't. Even animals, my heart breaks over the dogs and cats being dumped or livestock not being cared for properly.

I appreciate your encouraging blog, it's so very sweet, it's like a hot cup of coffee or tea to my heart. ~Amelia

Linda said...

Dear Mrs White, such lovely writing. It created such a picture for me, I could almost hear wind howling outside, the crunch of snow and a very cold Winter, with frosty breath. I could see you bundled up inside sipping hot chocolate, as you tried to warm yourself. Winter is one of my favourite seasons; the whole 'drawing in', the stillness. A time for quiet reflection. Here in New Zealand we have hot, humid days and I am spending a lot of time inside as the weather is too much for my health. I love my home too; it is our sanctuary. Many Blessings to you and your family ~ Linda

Vee said...

I'm with you! I'd stay home all winter, never going out unless I had to. I must talk about this often as I have now been gifted with four heated throws. ☺️ Hope that your winter is cozy.

Sue said...

I so agree, Home is my favorite place to be, no matter where I go, once I open the door to our home, I always whisper a prayer of thanksgiving!
You described your home so eloquently, warm and cozy, and inviting.
Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment,
Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and Happy new Year.

Cheryl said...

I couldn't agree more! There is no place like home and nowhere I would rather be. God has been so good to me giving me the desires of my heart. I could never praise Him enough. I hope He blesses you with a wonderful 2023!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

You have painted a beautiful landscape of your home life in winter. I, more than ever before, want to be home, just home. Perhaps it's because I've been out helping at the local elementary school more. That's so ironic, since I homeschooled mine, but there are so many needy children and even adults who need a smile and sometimes a hug. They call it substitute teaching, but I look on it more as a ministry. It's something I'm doing for now until the LORD shows me the next thing. It's nice to stay home when I want and be with people when I want. The school, principal and teachers are very Christian friendly even though it's a public school.

Be blessed!
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Jenny of Elefantz said...

As odd as it may seem, being that you live in such a very cold climate with a long winter, here in the very hot and humid tropics we tend to stay inside for the summer (which lasts 7-8 months) and get out and about in the mild winter.
So as I sit here in our current summer, I appreciate your sentiments on staying home...because it's the natural rhythm of life for me.
I finished your new book, and found it insightful and encouraging, Mrs White - bless you! (I also shared about it on my blog the other day)
May the Lord bless you in all your comings and goings through 2023, and may His presence fill your home to overflowing each day.

Ashley said...

This was such a peaceful read. Thank you so much for sharing! I would love to see a post sometime about how you fill your winter evenings at home. :)