Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Home Tour of our 1850s House

Living room at Mrs. White's House.

Welcome. . . Would you like to see a brief tour of our home? I've put together some photographs of some of the rooms. These are the main rooms one might see during a visit.

To see the tour, please watch the video below. (Includes peaceful instrumentals of Canon in D.)

~  ~  ~  ~ ~

Description of the video tour:

We will start with a couple of views of the outside grounds. Then won't you step inside to the upstairs parlour?

After seeing the parlour, we glance over at the kitchen. 

Would you like to see one of the bedrooms?  We will just step into the doorway and take a look. It is cozy in here with a recliner and some rocking chairs.

Now we are downstairs on the main floor. Here is a view into the Living room. 

We will walk through this room to see the day room.  There is a lovely white piano near the front window.

The last view is one of the front rooms. Here is the hand-sewn quilt I made for one of my daughters.  (This was mentioned in my book, "Gracious House Keeping."  The book also includes a simple pattern for those who are interested.)  We can also see the front porch through the lace curtains.

Now we are back outside, with a view of the bench and strawberry garden near the river. 

There is a precious Bible verse shared, as a lovely devotional to think about. Then the tour is complete.

  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

In these difficult days, we need the comfort of home life

 The work we do in cleaning and homemaking provides a sanctuary of rest for weary souls.  

Thank you for watching.  I hope you enjoyed your visit! 



Mrs. White

From the Archives

 It is all I ever want to be - Secretary to the Master

Peaceful, quiet Living - Sunday Driver

Ration Books from 1942 and helpful advice - Adapting to the High Cost of Living.


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Tracy Dixon said...

Very beautiful 😍

Cay Gibson said...

So lovely and heartwarming.

Glenda said...

Your home is so beautiful and the grounds are exquisite. The music and video was very calming and peaceful. Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing, Mrs. White!

Anonymous said...

I love your home, Mrs White! Thank you for sharing!

Elizabethd said...

What lovely gentle colours you have used in your charming home, Mrs White. It all looks so comfortable and welcoming. Thank you so much for the video.

Nicole in MD said...

What a lovely spacious home. It looks so welcoming! I can imagine a family gathering.

Homemaker's Heart said...

What a wonderful tour, thank you so much. I felt as if I was invited for lovely peaceful walk through.

Linda said...

Dear Mrs White, I commented on the video on You Tube but wanted to comment here as well. Our homes are such a sanctuary for us, and it was so lovely of you to invite us in and see some of your rooms and grounds. It looks very warm and cozy. I know you and your husband must put a lot of work into keeping it looking this way. Blessings to you ~ Linda

Billie Jo said...

Thank you! I loved seeing your beautiful, cozy home. It is so peaceful, a place to find peace in today's world's chaos.

Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful home. So comfortable and spacious. Blessings. Sharon D.

ann said...

what a beautiful home. the grounds are also beautiful. you keep it so well. thank you for the tour. Ann

Cate Nunan said...

Your home looks pretty and cozy, just the way that Laura and Mary saw their precious home when they had finished their housework. Mrs White, these photos are a testimonial to all your words and your books. Your home is full of love and shows the care that you and your family put into it. It is not a mansion full of expensive furniture and objects but that is the point. It is home. Thank you for sharing and for encouraging those of us who sometimes feel as if our belongings and home might look a bit shabby or old because we cannot afford new things. Blessings, Cate Nunan

Traveling Oltmans said...

Dear Mrs. White, what a lovely video. Thank you. Have read your blog and books for years, it was so nice to see your strawberry garden ;). A beautiful home, it looks warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing your home with us, Hilogene in Az

Laura Jeanne said...

I love your home very much. So pretty, so spacious, so cozy. Thank you for the tour!

Kelli said...

What a sanctuary indeed! I always love a walk through of old homes! So fun to think of the past and those families who had the same house as their own sanctuary. Our home, here in Tennessee, is an Antebellum home as well. We have giant logs under our house and I love walking through our woods thinking of those that lived here before us. Thanks for the inspiration Mrs. White! I have so many of your books and have a quiet little chair and small bookshelf (with all my homemaking and mothering books) where I like to sit and read them with a cup of tea. They are inspirational. God bless and Happy New Year! Kelli

Marilyn said...

Your home is all I want a home to be and it touched my heart tremendously

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I enjoyed seeing your wonderful home. I went on and watched more of your videos. God bless you!

Aspire To Live A Quiet Life said...

Beautiful home and lovely yard....loved the pink tulips.
Thank you for inviting us in:)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Your home is so charming and beautiful dear friend! I have immensely enjoyed your latest book, and am so thankful for the resources you have provided through the years. Wishing you many blessings in this new year!

Debbie said...

So lovely, as always. Your home is such a reflection of the words you write in your books and here on your blog. Very much a homey sanctuary. Thank you for sharing :)

Becki said...

You have a lovely home, Mrs. White. And a lovely blog. I'm going to enjoy looking around. :)