Sunday, February 5, 2023

Born To Serve - Housekeeping

~The Legacy of Home Press presents our newest book "Born to Serve."~


"Born to Serve" is about the work of housekeeping. It was originally published in the year 1900 and was written by the famous minister, Charles M. Sheldon.  The overall theme of the story is to encourage us to do our work as unto the Lord.  Work that had been considered drudgery and for the lower class was to be elevated to something meaningful. The work of keeping house is a noble service and much needed.

Here is a description:

    "Barbara Clark, a recent college graduate, is unable to find a job. She decides to take a position as a "hired girl" in a private home. Her work involves managing the house, cooking, and cleaning.  
    Most of the hired girls don't care about their work. They are inefficient and unskilled, making home life miserable and stressful for their employers.
   Barbara knows that for the happiness and comfort of home, good housekeepers are needed! An idea is formulated to start a housekeeping school to train the workers.

This wholesome story provides an interesting look at what life was like in the early 1900's. Readers will appreciate old time Christian values and morals from a different era."

[Includes an encouraging bonus story by Mr. Sheldon in the Appendix: "Memory and Hope Walking Along the Highway," which was published in 1909. I found this to be incredibly comforting and helpful. ]


Today, we present to you a new edition of this story. I carefully typed the entire story from the original 1900 edition.  Only very minor editing was necessary. A few words in the original book have completely changed in their definition compared to today. These words have been replaced to reflect the author's original meaning.


It is available in both paperback and hardcover editions:


"Born to Serve: The Legacy of Home Press Classic Edition"

ISBN: 978-1956616217

Paperback, 155 pages.  





"Born to Serve: The Legacy of Home Press Classic Edition"

ISBN: 978-1956616224

Hardcover, 155 pages. 




 If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help to me if you will write a review on Amazon. Thank you!

 I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!


Mrs. White


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for publishing this book, Mrs. White. I have ordered it and expect to enjoy it and find inspiration in it as I have your other books! May God bless you and your family. Mrs. Z.

Vee said...

My first thought was poor Barbara! College graduate and all she can find for a job is housework. Then I thought again and remembered that my favorite "job" has been my home. My birthday is coming...hope to order then with my birthday $. ☺️

Jenny said...

It sounds like such a lovely book!

Will it be available in England? I would so love to read it.

Thank you,


Elizabethd said...

I checked to see if British amazon has it, but its not available to be shipped here. It sound a very interesting book. So often domestic workers were not treated kindly.

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing, I will be looking into purchasing this book also, our home has always been such a joy to attend to, since I was a young girl, my desire was to be a mother and homemaker, and both were fulfilled, I am truly blessed.
Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.

Mrs. White said...

To Jenny and Elizabethd:
From what I understand, the book should be available for sale in England and other countries outside the US in about a week.

Mrs. White said...

Mrs. Z,. Thank you! God bless!

Vee, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Sue, It is a wonderful blessing to be a mother and homemaker. Thank you!

Marilyn said...

Can't wait to receive my book. I feel it will be a somewhat personal book. After my husband passed I was left with a 15 year old daughter to support. hadn't worked at all during my marriage and searched for a housekeeping position. Around here "the maid". Well I love to see a house clean and the atmosphere of tranquility. I had previously gone to a junior college and later took a job in caring for 2 mentally challenged older ladies. It was as joy and enjoyed working for an agency that was involved with these darling people. I stayed with the agency in various "serving" until I retired 12 years ago. This work as well as being a mother (and wife) are blessings from the Lord.

Cate Nunan said...

Jenny and Elizabeth, I live in Australia, and the book is always available to purchase within a week of it being on Amazon US. It is a bit of an extra treat to be patient and to wait! I do enjoy your editing Sharon as it never changes the arc of the original story and is gently done. You have been quite busy - new books being published regularly. We are all grateful. Cate

living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, I am so looking forward to reading your remake of this book! I have enjoyed the last one I bought! I do hope you all have an early Spring!
I am working hard this morning to get my house chores done, so I can enjoy painting and a cup of tea.
Thinking of you!
Blessings, Roxy

Anonymous said...

I've looked for your contact email, but didn't see one. I just wanted to say how much your books and site means to me. I grew up in a liberal household where women's work was to be avoided. Married a wonderful man who was raised old order amish. At first, I loved the structure and the simplicity of the Amish, and I still do. Yet, my heart goes out to the Amish wives. The gossip and back biting is fierce. And, these poor women are exhausted. Yet, if they are unable to keep home perfectly, they will be the next source of gossip for their neighbor. And, more often then not, a moms focus should be on God but theirs is more on how God can help her to make everything seem perfect. Often forsaking their calling to be a mother, their emphasis is on housekeeping. Firsthand, I've seen women say "have you seen the baby? I haven't for the last hour or two" while being too busy in the kitchen. I love that the Amish children are usually more apt, yet the cost is not worth it. (Ask an er dept in an Amish area... they'll attest to the over abundance of accidents)
you really have found just the right balance between homemaking and parenting. Your style teaches responsibility, keeps little ones safe, and is very simple. I believe your style of parenting is very honorable to the lord and I find your books and blog an encouragement. God bless

Amelia said...

Sounds wonderful Mrs. White, I look forward to reading the new book!

Bless you dear one!

Jean | said...

Mrs White, what a lovely book! Must add it to my list after I've read down my current pile a bit. I've never done housekeeping for a living, and I have great respect for those who do and who take pride in their work. I know when my own housekeeping becomes a bit dreary, I have to count my blessings and see it as the privilege that it is.

Homemaker' said...

Mrs. White - This is just so interesting - thank you for sharing the information on this book. Such a yearning for the time when homemaking/housekeeping was regarded as a very good thing for a woman. Thank you, again!!!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

This sounds like such a wonderful book, Mrs. White! I love that you have re-shared this book for today's ladies to read. May the Lord bless your efforts to encourage women to not look at being at home as a chore, but rather as a great blessing from the Lord. Many blessings to you!