Tour of Vermont Series


  I have lived in Vermont for many years and rarely stopped to look at the sights.  Starting in 2017, I made the effort to stop and visit some of the places that I see on my travels. This does not mean that I would need to spend money, but that I would take a few moments of rest and visit some of these places, instead of just rushing through life and never taking a scenic break. 

Here, in this post, I will share the listing of all the tours I have taken. I hope you enjoy visiting the sights along with me!


(Please click on the title of each stop to see the entire tour of each location.) 

                                               Tour of Vermont


First Stop"A Vermont Christmas Tree Farm"  (November 2017)




 Second Stop"Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont"  (November 2018)





 Third Stop"A Visit to King Arthur in Norwich, Vermont"  (March 2019)





  Fourth Stop"Afternoon Tea at the Governor's Mansion"  (July 2019)







   Fifth Stop"A Visit to the Vermont Country Store"  (August 2019)


   Sixth Stop"Scenic View of the Countryside in Vermont"  (September 2019)


   Seventh Stop"A Visit to Mrs. Lincoln's Mansion in Vermont"  (August 2020)






  Eighth Stop"My Trip to See Franklin Graham at Decision America Tour, in Burlington, Vermont"  (May 2019)



We will add more tours when we are able to do some travelling again.  . . . 


This post created April 30, 2022.   Last updated February 18, 2024.