Friday, February 12, 2010

A Mother's Heart

Winter Twilight

It is late at night. Everyone has gone off to bed. I am sitting here looking at my table. I have a white lace tablecloth laid out neatly. I have a lily scented candle in the middle, near my Blue Willow China sugar bowl and creamer. I am listening to Cynthia Clawson sing My Mother's Faith.

I am chilled but sitting near the fire. My family is all scattered tonight. I miss when the children were little and I could read them Bible stories and sing hymns to them as I tucked them into bed.

I miss being a mother of little children. My children are mostly grown and going off in all directions. I am anchored here at home and doing my best to keep things steady and secure. In order to do this, I cannot change.

I will keep reading my Bible while sitting in that corner chair in the living room. I will sing hymns as I go about my daily housework. And I will stand straight and tall with dignity as I walk through this life, even though I often feel alone.

Lord willing, I will have grandchildren some day to soothe that ache and emptiness in my heart.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

I am finding my self in a similar season as you. Missing the pitter patter of little feet. As my guys have all grown-up and are all going in different directions.

My job has changed now. I am no longer the director or the manager of their day to day goings. Instead I am working at maintaining a place of refreshing, steadfastness, and solice to their lives. A place of safety. Where they can come and hang their hats and know that their God loves them, and cares about them more than anything this world has to offer.

Praying for you! You are not alone in this changing world.

ChristinaB said...

Mrs. White thank you for this post. As a mother who is in the midst of the baby and toddler years at times I take it for granted. I even sometimes wish it to hurry along! Thank you for reminding me that my babies will not be babies for long and that I should cherish every moment with them =-}

Chocolate Vegetables said...

I am enjoying following you as you blog. How I wish I had your attitude to parenting and home making! They seem like such drudgery to me at times. I hope over time I can absorb some of your attitude as your posts on supper and quiet times really inspire me.

Jen in Oz

Laura Lane said...

I am entering that time of loneliness.

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