Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remembering Suppertime

Winter Sunrise

I came home from shopping late this afternoon. It was 5 pm. I needed to get supper going. I quickly shooed the children off into the other room. I didn't want help. I wanted to enjoy my kitchen and the art of preparing a meal for my family.

I quickly put on my apron, and carefully laid out the groceries on the table. I put on some sweet, old fashioned gospel music and started getting the stove ready so I could cook. I loved stirring the food, and setting the table. I put out the place settings and put away groceries while supper was cooking. It is so peaceful making a home.

I remember how my mother used to work in her kitchen. We were all doing our homework or watching television. Then we would hear her call for us, "Supper's ready!" Oh, we were so happy! We would race into that kitchen and take our seats. Mom made sure we had fresh vegetables in serving bowls and plenty of bread. Dad would sit at the head of the table. He still had his work uniform on. He was a machine mechanic and I still recall that blue dress shirt and dark pants. Dad would say the most precious prayer and we waited expectantly for him to finish. We always felt like such good children when Daddy prayed. Then we enjoyed talking and visiting while we enjoyed Mother's cooking.

After supper, we children would clean the kitchen while Mom and Dad had coffee in the living room. We felt safe and secure, knowing that each night, Mom would have our dinner ready at 5 pm. And we knew every one of us would be sitting at that table, eating all together.

Tonight, when I finished cooking, I called down the hall to my children, just like My mother did when I was little, "Come on, it's supper time." And as I said those words, tears welled up in my eyes.

I pray supper is a special time every night in your homes.

Mrs. White


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

What beautiful memories.

I always call my family to dinner. If they're at sports practice, they always come home to a hot dinner. It warms my heart to put food in their tummies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White!
My mom was a single mom of four kids and most night we ate in the livingroom or on our own. When I got married I told my husband that family dinners were important to me and I wanted us to always have a family dinner. He grew up eating dinner around the table with his family so he was on board. Our children are still pretty young and it can be hectic because they eat much faster than we do, but I know my kids would be confused if we did dinner any other way :) I pray that my children will always want to come to the table for dinner and maybe linger a little long when they get older. Thank You for sharing your special dinners with us :)

-Sarah Lownsbery