Friday, August 20, 2010

A Hospital in The Home

Romantic Shine II

This past week, I have been very ill and suffering. Amy (15) demanded that I go straight to bed, as of Wednesday morning. I have been there ever since. The children have all been checking on me and seeing if I need anything.

It all reminded me of the many times I have been in the hospital. I was served three meals a day, no matter how sick I was. At first, I would be on a liquid diet. This consisted of jello, tea, and broth. They would even serve that to me three times a day, until I started to heal. We had to do a similar thing here at home.

Nicole was home for a few days and was worried about me. When she went back to the city with her sister, she called to ask if I was okay. "If you need anything, let me know." She told me.

Last night, Amy was on the phone with Rachel (22). They were going over the sales flier together, planning meals for the next few days, and creating a shopping list. (Rachel is a food genius. - smiles) They did a great job.

That night, Amy had an important dance class. I had Matthew (17) drive while I sat in the passenger seat with the chair reclined a little. He has his permit and is learning to drive very well. After we dropped Amy off at class, he drove to the supermarket. I waited in the car with John (13) while Matthew went in to do all the shopping. Then he picked up Amy and drove us home. I went back to bed.

Amy gave me a nice cup of jello and John turned on the television for me. The sweetest thing is having the children check on me from time-to-time. I will hear a little voice in the dim room. "Do you need anything, Mom?" They have all been so helpful.

Of course, my house is not as clean as I would like and the laundry has been neglected, but I am slowly recovering. I did not write a post for the Home Economics series on Tuesday and I will not write for Fit Mommy today.

I need to get back to bed. I hope I get better by Monday!

Hope you are doing well!

Mrs. White

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MeritK said...

Thanks so much for updating us Mrs. White. I will keep praying for ya and for the children. God Bless through all of this, Merit

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White, I so hope you are feeling better and will be back to keeping your home and family soon. You are such a sweet person and I will be praying for your health. I do so love your old fashioned blog. You are fortunate to have such a helpful family to take care of you.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Beth E. said...

I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. What a blessing, indeed, to have such a loving, caring family!

Praying for your quick and complete recovery, friend.


~ Denise ~ said...

Don't worry about a thing--the house, the laundry--nothing! Just rest and enjoy your children's care. :) Get well soon, sweet friend! ((HUGS))

momma24 said...

I am so sorry you are ill. I hope you are recovering and resting while your children serve you. Praying for you.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I know it is difficult for you not to be puttering around the house caring for things, but it can wait.

For now, enjoy the fruits of your labor of love with your children. You have obviously raised them right as they are now doing well caring for you.

Feel better soon, my friend.

Linda said...

Mrs.White, I am so sorry to hear you are ill. You are in my prayers daily. You are very blessed to have such thoughtful, sweet children.They are a product of their proper upbringing. Thank-you for taking the time and strength to keep us updated.Please take care and rest.

Anita said...

What a blessing it is to have children who know how and are willing to serve! Praying that you will be much better soon!

Tim @ Families Again said...

Hope this cheers you up a bit. You have been awarded the Sunshine Award -



M at Hidden Valley Simplicity said...

I hope you feel better SOON!

The way your children are, speaks to your parenting. :)

Deanna said...

Praying for you and may you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

i pray you are well soon!!!

Heidi M said...

I am praying for you!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

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As a recipient of this award yourself, you can do the same, and tell 7 things about yourself, and then pass it along to 7 others, who you really like as well.
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Have fun and good luck!

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