Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lovely Things Going on at Home

The Morning Room

Everyone is still sleeping. It is morning and there is hope for a lovely day. We will be heading off to church in a few hours. I have a few quiet minutes to visit with you.

Last night, I did a lot of sorting and throwing out some clutter. I also found several old papers that I enjoyed reading so much. There was this one newspaper from 1998 written by an old fashioned housewife. It was called, "Common Sense at Home." It contained articles, ideas on thrift, homemaking, gardening, advertisements for other homemade publications and also sweet letters from readers. One of the readers was Mrs. Connie Hultquist from At that time, she was writing her own homemade publication. Hers was handwritten, without a computer. She would just go to the local store and make copies of each page and then mail them out to her subscribers. It was so nice to read about all the old time homemaking wisdom! I packed away those newspapers in a big shoebox so they would not get dusty or dirty. It would be an easy place for me to retrieve them anytime I wanted to read them again.

I also made a special supper for all the children. After our meal, the table was cleared off and my three teenagers and I played cards for the next few hours. We play "Rummy." It requires a lot of concentration, thinking and math so it is a good game for homeschoolers! We play several times throughout the day, every day. Even if there are only two of us, one of us will say, "We have to go on an errand, but there is time for one game. Will you play?"

After I went to bed last night, two of the children were still at the table playing cards, talking and laughing. I love to hear their chatter.

Tonight our Youth Group starts up for the school year. The children are excited to attend. It will be a fun year. When they get home, we will sit at the table and play cards while they tell me all about their adventures. And we will eat homemade brownies and drink iced tea!

Mrs. White

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