Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Chauffeur

Cadillac Convertible

A few years ago, Mr. White drove into our driveway with a shiny pastel-purple Cadillac. It was the epitome of elegance. It was used and cost a few thousand dollars. He was test driving it. He called me outside to look at it. I was shocked.

"Wouldn't this be a great car for you?"  He asked.  "Should I buy it?"  He let me sit on the pretty white leather seats.

"Why are you asking me this?" I told him. "Of course you should buy it!"  I thought it was the prettiest car I'd ever seen. . . .  Yet, I was no fool. The car was for him. I have never even driven it! (smiles)

"I always wanted a chauffeur" I kept saying. The truth is that I never liked driving. I don't even want a driver's license. I would rather ride in a car. I want someone else to drive me around!

Well, now I have my wish. . .

Matthew (17) has his driver's permit. He has been doing all the driving for me for the last few months. He has become an excellent driver.  I am more than happy to give up the wheel for him. Sometimes, he even opens my car door for me.  My guys have always been protective. I love how they take care of me.

Whenever we go out, as a family, Mr. White does the driving. He either opens my door, or tells the children to open it for me.

In the old days, few housewives knew how to drive. They would get a ride from a neighbor, their husband or one of the older children. Housewives mostly stayed home.  For me, having a chauffeur helps bring back some nostalgia of the old days for homemakers. . . And I love it!

Mrs. White

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i cant decide said...

I have a confession, I don't drive. Uh, oh. It does keep us happy at home though. You would not believe the criticism I receive.

Just stopping by on the crew blogwalk, even though I visit almost everyday, ; ).

Tracy said...

How sweet! The car sounds very pretty. :)