Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Sundays Used to Mean to Housewives

Family Going to Church on Sunday in Winter

The Housewife of old used to look forward to Sunday Morning. She would spend the morning in delightful anticipation of fellowship and Church services. This dear mother would get all dressed up in her best and help the family get ready. As she walked out that door, with Bible in hand, she would take one last look around and know that her work at home and had been done well. It was time to rest. It was time to be refreshed and take a break from the world and all its trials and labors.

I like to think of going to church each week as an example of the end of our lives. During the week, we housewives do all our work.  We do laundry, wash floors, make meals, handle appointments, phone calls, shopping, bills, and heavy cleaning. This is our labor in the world. When that church day arrives, we take a much deserved rest. We have our reward.

To me, the end of my life will be like Mother's day. I will be sitting in a church pew with my dear husband beside me. All our grown children will have put aside their wanderings in the world and will be there with me. They will have the hearts of humble servants and everyone will be grateful to be there. The precious sermon will start. . . Yet there will be tears welling up in my eyes because all my children are with me. They made it! And it will be just like the way it was supposed to be all along.

May it be so.

Mrs. White

Precious gospel music I have gathered for you:

 - My Mother's Faith.
- Thank you Mama for Praying for Me.
- Hello Mama (Get Ready to Cry)
- About When Mama Dies - Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

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Jennie said...

Nice post, and yes, may it be so!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!

I have begun to really devote Saturdays to preparing for Sunday...laying out clothes for my husband and me; preparing a quick bread for Sunday breakfast, like banana bread and a glass of milk; having our after-church meal all organized and either in the crockpot or ready to go when we get home; and making a large meal on Saturday night so we can have that for leftovers on Sunday night. I make sure our shoes are shined and we've both had showers and done all the hygiene stuff necessary before Sunday morning (my husband has dementia and I have to make sure he and his clothing are all ready to go on Sunday morning...getting out of the house on time is very orchestrated). All of this has made for a blessed
Sunday atmosphere and attitude for all of us. And I feel it's appropriate to plan so for the spiritual refreshing we experience at church and for the day of rest we have at home.

Lisa Grace said...

Yes, indeed, may it be so!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post. This is just another wonderful reminder that us homemakers do get more rewards than we can count. The reward of being in the Lords house is one of great wonder.

angie said...

What a blessing! I love that picture of the end of your life. May all we who have laid down our lives for our families, (or struggle mightily to!) have the reward of all our children making it there!