Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The New Mother's Faith

Late last year, I released a book for mothers of waywards.  It is now out of print.  A second edition is now available.  It is the exact same book, to which has been added:  An introduction, and two brief essays. 

This edition is 102 pages, a pretty pink, and is a compact purse size.

Title:  Mother's Faith:  Essays, Lamentations and Encouragement from a Christian Mother of Waywards.

I have been getting emails and comments from readers who have been greatly encouraged and helped by this book. 

It is designed to comfort Mothers and strengthen their faith.  It is designed to gently remind them to have a holy patience and to trust God with their children. 

At times, the book is painful to read. (I still cry when reading some of the chapters.)  The sadness mothers of waywards feel is universal, regardless of the circumstances.

By the end of the book, however, I hope you are no longer crying. I hope you are smiling and greatly encouraged to keep going!

I would love your help in spreading the word about this book.  Here are ways you can help:
1.  Write a review on Amazon.
2.  Share about the book on Facebook.
3. Share about the book on your blog.  [If you have an affiliate account with Amazon, you can use your referral link to earn a commission on any sales of the book that come through your blog.]
Thank you for your help. I am grateful for your support and ongoing encouragement.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

The original was well-worth the money! If my blog was open I would definitely promote it!

anita crane said...

This is a lovely book! I am blessed by both your books.

Love anita

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