Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homemaking Links the Generations

Spring Morning

As I work around the house today, I am thinking of my childhood. We had an old radio in the living room. It was a large piece of furniture and had a "72" record player inside. My Father also had an 8 - track player we kept on a bookcase near the lamp.

I remember the sweet sounds of old time music. It made me think of hard working families who loved home and cared about the basics of daily life, rather than materialism.

Today, I am cleaning and listening to Pandora Radio on a gospel music station. I hear the old songs, including Patsy Cline's "Life's Railway to Heaven." I am wearing a house dress and enjoying straightening chairs, sweeping floors and polishing counters.

While I work, I think of my parents and I think about my grandparents. I think about our history and our way of life. I think about the example of hard work, throughout the generations, as a shining example of old fashioned families.

There is so much history in homemaking.  As we go through each day, ironing, folding laundry, baking, washing windows and sweeping floors, we become a living museum of the old days - the days when home was everything. May we continue to be a witness, of a precious era, to a dying world.

Mrs. White

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Not So Average Mama said...

You just inspired me to get off my butt and do something...thank you :) Just found your blog and I subscribed! Hope you have a nice day with your husband on this Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

Reading your post reminds me of my childhood & watching both my mother & grandmother care for their homes! Since being blessed with the opportunity to be home with our daughters, I've been striving to give them those same memories!

Marcia said...

I am reminded of my dad's mother, who died a month before I turned twelve. She had "Sunday Dinner" every week...such wonderful memories.

Thanks for this post.


Blue Cotton Memory said...

I grew up with my grandparents - and it was such a blessing. My life was so enriched. I have learned that we have the ability to pass down an amazing inheritance to our children - and it is all what we put inside them:) It is a beautiful thing, to weave the threads of our families into the tapestry of our life.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. White. I know this is an older post..but I am new. Sadly, I grew up with a divorced full time working mother. She is not a believer. My prayer ( at 47)is that I will be that godly, homemaking example to our 5 children. This is my hearts desire. To learn the old path and teach our children. To love the Lord and to create and nurture an old fashioned godly home. On a shoestring{smiles}
God bless