Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creating a Pleasant Atmosphere at Home

Two Couples Sitting Around Coffee Table in Living Room Talking and Having Drinks

In the early afternoon, I start making preparations for the comfort of my husband and teenagers. I lay out refreshments on the kitchen counter. These are neatly arranged treats and vary by - day, depending on whether or not I baked, or found a sale at the market. Often, there will be a bakery coffee cake, some cookies, fresh bread and fruit. There may even be some cake or brownies. I usually have 2 or 3 different choices waiting for my hungry family to enjoy.

Next, I tidy up the parlour table. This is just our dining room table, since we don't have an eat-in kitchen. On this table, I lay out a box of Checkers,  and a pack of playing cards. At any time, my teenagers can walk by and say, "Hey, who wants to play a game?" Some days, I put out  Yahtzee   or Boggle. I need to get a new game of Scrabble. That would provide a nice variety.

These mere acts of housekeeping are often what people only do when they are expecting guests to visit. However, it is something we can do for our families on a daily basis.

Once I set up the games and the refreshments, I will put on some classical music while I do some cleaning. Then I head off to read before it is time to start making dinner.

Mrs. White

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Taryn said...

I bought a new Scrabble game but we weren't happy with it. The grid wasn't high enough to hold in the pieces securely. We liked the old one better but it didn't have a glare-proof board. We even liked the turntable on the old one better. We also have a game called Wordigo-like Scrabble but you don't have to wait your turn. I have been reading the reviews for the different Scrabble boards and hope to get another one.

Anonymous said...

i too have been "setting the tone" at a certain time of day and have noticed a difference! isn't it lovely how God enables us to do things like this and then see that it works?