Friday, November 25, 2011

Not Shopping

It is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Many people, all over the U.S. are shopping today.. . Except me. (smiles)

I am home, cleaning, and remembering what a wonderful Holiday we had yesterday.  

I don't think I have ever shopped on Black Friday. I love hearing about all the treasures others are able to find, and about how much fun they are having, but I really would rather stay home. I don't even want to shop online, or by phone.  I know, that is so un-American of me. But I'd rather not spend any money. I just don't need anything right now.

So I am busy with my decorating and homemaking tasks.  It will be a restful, happy day at home.

Later, I will hear about the shopping feats of others. I will be delighted for them.  Just like a Grandma who sits at home, resting, eagerly waiting for when the family comes back home. .  . Waiting for them to tell her about their adventures in the world.

I will have some hot, homemade beef stew waiting for them. The fire will be blazing in the wood stove. And Mama will be here, as happy and content as ever.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. Stam said...

This is a lovely post!

I hate shopping (and spending money), hehe!But I do enjoy being home :-)

Holly said...

I too am remaining home today as well and cleaning and spending time with my son. I think the only time I ever shopped Black Friday was three weeks after my Husband and I got married. I got a crock pot, pot & pans set, and a vacuum- Things much needed for our home. Haven't done it since and have no desire to.

Anonymous said...

i do not do black friday shopping either. for the first time ever we went to our local walmart and bought something but we stayed in a line and received tickets so there was no mad rush for it. but we were outta there!! lol before the bigger sales started.

Illinois Lori said...

I don't do any of the big frenzied shopping things either. Today we drove north into Wisconsin to cut down a Christmas tree and bring it to our suburban much fun! May you and yours be blessed this weekend, dear one!

Elle said...

I have never been shopping on Black Friday either. I don't like shopping at the best of times and when it is crowded it is even worse. And I surely don't want to be fighting someone over something. I can't think of anything I want badly enough to get into a fuss over it.

Wonderful post!

Linda said...

I agree! I don't ever remember Black Friday shopping. After two days spent cooking in my kitchen I started on giving my house some much needed attention.