Friday, October 19, 2012

The Behind - the - Scenes Mother

Back Street

There is a quiet kind of mother, many strive to be.   She is in the background of the home.  She is meek, yet strong.  She is steadfast and tough in her convictions, yet not bold in her demeanor.    She does those little things for her family and home that no one really notices, unless she is not there.

She seeks no applause.  She seeks no praise.  She is content with her crucial work, behind-the-scenes of her family.  She believes in her husband and children. She stands behind them, watching them in their daily lives, and quietly cheering them on, with gratefulness.  She has no need to praise her children in the gates (to all the neighbors and friends), because this is not to be their earthly reward. She has great discrection, sharing only polite words, and not the personal good and bad of her family.

She does not ask many questions of her loved ones. She is not constantly trying to get "information" out of them, or try to get into "their business."  Because she trusts them with their decisions and choices, knowing that God is on their side.  She has no need of fear or worry.   When things go wrong, or the children make mistakes (as will often be the case), she leaves the burden in Heaven.  For she is wise and brave enough to know there is a plan in the unseen, for which she has no control over. She must trust the Master with those details.

She takes her worries and "what ifs" and pleadings to the Lord in prayer. And then she leaves them there.

This dear quiet mother is the joy and hope of the home.   She is on a lighted path to Heaven. Many will watch her daily life, and want to follow her to that eternal HOME.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. My heart is heavy for one of my son's today who is going thru a hard trial and there is not much I can do to help. I need to leave it in the Lord's hands. Dee

whtmtngirl said...

This really is an insightful post, Mrs. White. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

your words are always encourageing. Thank you!

Deanna said...

sweet blessings to you,

Laura Lane said...

I have been watching one of my children make choices that I do not agree with. I'm in a new learning to be a mother stage of having a grown child.

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Gin said...

This post was such a blessing!

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

Very beautiful... There is a little comment for You, on my page :) Have a blessed day!

Jasmine said...

Amen. I really enjoy your blog Mrs.White. It is by far one of my favorites. Blessings to you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs. White.
God bless