Monday, March 4, 2013

Mother's Benevolent Society

The Charitable Visit, 1870 Illustration.


One of the greatest opportunities for the homemaker is her charitable acts within the home.  If she can only delight in her calling, and lot in life, she can become a bright light of good deeds, noble virtue, and kindness to her family.

Sometimes when I would teach my children to do some little service, or help, for their siblings, they would perhaps frown or start to complain.  I would smile knowingly and say something like, "this will be a mitzvah.   It is a good deed, following the principles and commandments given by God, and He will reward you for it.  It is His work you are doing."  The term "mitzvah" was taught to my children when they were very young.  It is a Jewish term which is a keeping of the many commandments of God.  It has also been said that by doing a mitzvah, a bond is created by God and man.  There is a joy in it, a loving service for the Lord above, and that makes it precious. 

While we mothers are not always in the sweetest, holiest of moods, our main goal is to be kind hearted, and warmed by the presence of God.  This will pour through us, in our own actions and words.   In this way we are teaching our children the beauty of a life devoted to benevolence.

But what of the Mother's own actions?

It is very easy to become overwhelmed and even annoyed with all the work heaped upon us. It almost becomes a burden and a tremendous pressure that may crush us down if we let it.  Yielding to this work with a sweet temper is a herculean task.  It cannot be done instantly. It cannot even be done in our own strength.  But if we pray and read our Bibles, and sing our hymns and spend time in the holy worship of the Lord, He will give us the strength we need to do HIS work. . .  The main problem of yielding to our tasks is that we take on far more than we are capable of doing.  We often burden ourselves with impossible expectations and we all suffer because of it.

There is a simplicity in running a society of benevolence in the home.  There are basic tasks, and loving service, and little chores.  This slow-paced work should not be done in a hurry or under pressure.  These tasks should be done as unto the Lord.   The work can be done as many mitzvahs, with prayers and praises that continue to create a moment-by-moment bond to God.  This will bring us great peace and great joy that will fill us with a charitable, loving demeanor.  All who observe this, all who are the beneficiaries of this, will be warmed by this light and will carry on for us, and with us, for as long as we are in this society.

Mother,  will you become a member of the benevolent society? Will you set one up in your own home?    Will your influence and example affect your family and those around you with the beauty of holiness?

We must all remember this the next time a child whines, a dish is broken, the trash needs to be removed, someone is cranky, and when everyone forgets to do their own work.  We must remember to face these supposed burdens with a new excitement of doing mitzvahs and being charitable to those who have been placed in our care - including our guests, our children and our husbands.

Mrs. White

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anita said...

What an encouragement to keep on.. I sometimes get weary of "doing it all" I must remember to do it for the Lord.. thank you.

Mrs. Crane said...

Printed and in my special notebook :) I pray you are feeling well. You are often in my thoughts, and daily in my prayers.

Amy said...

What a refreshing reminder. I admit that when I think of charity, my thoughts first go outward, but you're right - there are acts of mercy and benevolence that build up my own family,too.

Sarah Coller said...

Ahh...thanks for the encouragement! Now, to remember it in the midst of chaos...ha! :) I've just posted this week's new Homemaking Linkup and would love to have you join, if you'd like.

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Anonymous said...

I just received your new book in the mail and i can't wait to begin reading it ! your blog is very encouraging to me .God Bless - a friend in NC

Housewife59 said...

Oh this is lovely, Mrs White

I like to be part of the benevolent society and do lots of mitzvahs : )


KatieL said...

As an observant Jew, I smiled when I read your post on mitzvahs! It is a beautiful practice.
One thing: My rabbi explains that if you have fun/joy doing the mitzvah, that's even better :)