Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sweet Holiness on Mama's Birthday

Sermons in the Fog

I had 30 minutes in the kitchen. Two of my grandbabies were in the nursery with their Uncle. He babysat while I went into my favorite room in the house.  I got out the bundt pan and made a chocolate fudge cake.  While I worked, I turned a CD sermon on my kitchen radio. It was by the late Dr. Curtis Hutson.  It was so precious!  At the time the sermon was recorded (I think it was in the 1990's), he had cancer.  He was in his last days here in this world.  Someone had to help him onto the pulpit, he was so weak and weary.  He preached a beautiful, heart-stirring message, and he also broke into humble songs. I sat on my kitchen stool and frosted the cake, as gentle tears came to my eyes.  These were tears of sweet happiness.

In old southern churches, congregants are often seen crying with a peaceful and joyous look in their eyes.  Onlookers may not understand. But what is happening is that the message being preached (through a heart close to the Lord . . .  a humble precious heart), causes a melting of the normal coldness and frost the world seeps onto our hearts.  Our tears are ones of holiness.  We are being warmed by the fire of godliness and it melts our souls.  It makes us well.  The tears, with a sweet smile, is a sign of happy joy in the Lord.

I was so grateful to be in the kitchen doing what I love on this special birthday.  It is a good day to be revived and reflect upon one's life.  

How much more work can I do for the Lord? Each day is an honor and a gift.  Each birthday I am drawn closer to my last day here in this world.  I am heaven bound.  Not because of me, but because of the dear Lord who is longsuffering and merciful. 

I am so grateful for the laborers in God's holy fields, who lift us all up and encourage us along the way - no matter how rough and difficult the road can be.

Mrs. White

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Blessed Homemaking said...

Happy birthday, dear Mrs. White! You are a blessing and I hope you were blessed on your birthday!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, a very Happy Birthday, dear Mrs. White! What a lovely, lovely snippet of your day to share with us. Thank you.

May God's peace be with you.
Mrs. Skutt

Deborah Montgomery said...

Happy birthday, and thank you for this sweet post.

Darlene said...

What a peaceful and uplifting post. Thank you and best wishes on your day!

Dolores said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. White. May I ask where you find the sermons on cd?

Emmy Wilson said...

Oh such SWEET delight to see a blog post notification from you in my email! This post made me cry! (For a number of reasons). First of all WELCOME BACK! I know we're strangers but golly I've missed you so and often thought of you and kept you in my prayers! Secondly, my mom just passed away in October and any mention of mothers seems to trigger tears :) Hope you had a joyful and peaceful birthday. Blessings, Emmy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Blessings to your health and home!

Cheryl said...

Happy, happy, blessed birthday!! God bless you to see many, many more. So happy to see posts from you in our inbox once again. You were missed. :) Much love to you.

Trish Clark said...

Happy Birthday!
May your following year be filled with strength, peace and joy.
You Blog is an incredible blessing in my life.
Thank you so much
Trish Clark

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. White.
It is always a joy to hear from you. When I see a post from you, I know I will be uplifted and encouraged in some way by reading it.
Reading of the sweet simplicity and humbleness of spirit of your life, in this culture, is like water to a parched ground.
Thank you!

Laura Lane said...

I'm not surprised that your birthday is in the month of Thanksgiving! I hope it was wonderful and that you have a blessed peaceful Thanksgiving.

I am often in tears during worship or during the sermon in our Southwest Missouri church.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

soapHOUSEmama said...

Happy Birthday! I so enjoy your blog!

Deanna said...

Hope you had a blessed BIRTHDAY!
Wishing you all the best.

Thanksgiving greetings to you.
May you have a wonderful holiday.

anita crane said...

Happy Birthday me dear friend! I am delighted you are back. I love your newsletters :) and I got your new book and it is just as wonderful as your other ones. I love your "person to person" writing. I feel like you are speaking to me! Many blessings!Love anita

Laura in AZ said...

Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. White.

I'm so glad to see you posting on your blog again.

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