Monday, June 24, 2013

Singing Comfort to Baby

Front Porch In Maine

Late yesterday afternoon, I brought grandbaby out on the front porch to see the pouring rain.   Our Vermont acres looks like an English garden, or an amazing view of an Ireland landscape.  The rain was soothing and quiet.

Baby is 9 months old and is teething.  He was fussy in the house. I wanted him to be distracted by the fresh air and pretty views.  He loves my front porch. 

I sang "Amazing Grace" to him, slowly and softly, while I paced the porch.  He was happy and content.  Then I rang the bell, which is right near the sliding door on the porch.  Baby looked at me with wide eyes and then smiled.  .  . A few minutes later, one of my sons appeared from the back yard, thinking I had called him.  We laughed.  I was just showing baby the fun things at the Estate.

I sang to baby some more, about faith in the Lord, and eternal matters.  He listened and looked at me, while we walked the porch and enjoyed the rain.

I remembered when all my children were babies. I always sang to them.  "Bringing in the Sheaves;" "Trust and Obey;" "Shall we Gather at the River;"  "When the Roll is Called up Yonder;" are some of the many hymns I sang to them, over and over, throughout their babyhood and growing up years. 

There is peace and joy when one's heart is at home.  There are heavenly matters to pass on to the next generation, from a quiet heart, who isn't distracted or overly busy with outside cares.

Teaching babies about our Heavenly Father, can easily be started with simple songs, and joyful hearts.  This is the most comforting thing to little souls.

Mrs. White

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budgeteer said...

Oh that is lovely Mrs White. I can just imagine that baby : )

Lesley x

Jane said...

I sing to my grandbabies also, Amazing Grace and His Eye is on the Sparrow. They are such soothing songs to sing to a baby and lull them to sleep. :)

Laura Lane said...

Dear Mrs. White,
I believe the things we sing to our little ones as babies and toddlers go straight to their spirits. Sort of an inner memory that will bring an openess to The LORD.

May God bless these years for you,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Cathy said...

I have done this also. Going outside for a few minutes is very refreshing, for the baby and the Mommy, (or Grandma).

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