Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Economy For The Christian Home

~ Our newest book, brought to you by "The Legacy of Home Press." ~

This book was written while taking care of grandbabies, cleaning the house, cooking, and caring for the family.  It was very difficult to write in my notebook when everyone was sleeping, or jot down Bible verses and look up passages while dinner was cooking.  It took many hours of formatting, proofreading and fixing mistakes.  It is still imperfect, just as I am. (gentle smiles). 

The front cover is of our Vermont property. The photograph was taken in November 2014. We still have lots of snow here as it stays all winter long in northern Vermont.  In the picture, you can see our tall Christmas trees, our American flag and our old wooden wagon.

The book is designed to bless and encourage you in saving and giving. It includes some personal stories from my own experience, along with ideas for your own home.  I hope this book will encourage you in the careful use of money,  as you strive to be the kind of wife your husband can say he does not worry about the waste of domestic funds. (Proverbs 31:11)


 A Bible study designed for individual or group use.

{Scripture quoted in this book is from the KJV Bible.}


- 12 challenges.

- 12 homework assignments.

- 12 devotionals to inspire and motivate you.

You will learn about a "Charity Box" for the home; how "New England Thrift" can help you save money; how "Prayer Directed Giving" can warm your heart; what it is like to "Live in Reduced Circumstances" and much more.

At the end of the 3 month program, your house-account should be more efficient. You will have money in your savings account and your giving will increase in ways that will bless you and others as well.


Thoughts from Readers: 

  "This book has solid principles for Christian giving even on the smallest of budgets. Excellent read!!"

 - tiggersassy, from Amazon.

"Wonderful encouragement for giving and saving! I have all Mrs. Whites books and enjoy them all. She writes with a sweetness and honesty that is refreshing. I read them over and over!"

 - Anita, from Amazon.

"A refreshing way to study and help to develop healthy money/spiritual habits for you and your family. I am doing self study and this is helping me to have a better view and take on money, family, savings, and giving. I'm applying some of these principals now. This is a easy read and I feel well connected to it as homemaker myself with 5 children (retired employee after 25 years). This would work well for any woman in any season of your life. Get the book you won't regret it."

 - A.A., from Amazon.

 "I'll be honest---giving is low on my priority list when it comes to spending our earnings. With our large family, I always feel there's some need that could be met here at home and I tend to meet a whole lot of non-essentials before I ever think about giving to those less fortunate. God has called Christians to a life of generosity though, and I know this is an area I need to focus on. In Economy for the Christian Home, Mrs. White gives practical help and encouragement on budgeting out money to be given to those in need---easy steps that even those with the smallest of budgets can stick to. One thing I'm really excited about starting up is the Charity Box. This idea will help our family be intentional about setting aside money so we're prepared when the Lord leads us to share it. I encourage you to grab a copy of Economy for the Christian Home and be challenged to care for the poor. This excellent resource would also be great for a group study."

 - lostinavalon, from Amazon.

 "Economy for the Christian Home—A 12 Week Challenge for Wives to Increase Charitable Giving is a testimony to her love of God and love of people. The challenge is to live in a frugal, thrifty way in order to have resources to give to others in need. Pennies and dollars add up. Yes, pennies. She doesn't discount pennies in the effort to save to give. She explains how to help your child save, give and serve, too. Yankee ingenuity and thrift are encouraged to help free up hard earned dollars for giving. There is an encouraging quote, a devotion, a challenge, and a homework assignment for each week. She addresses other ways to give such as making things for others and taking meals to those in need. She also includes forms to keep track of your expenditures from your household account. Having spent the last several years in reduced circumstances, as Mrs. White would say, I find it hard to have enough left over to give beyond our tithes very much. Mrs. White has challenged me to find ways to give by saving small amounts at a time as well as doing for others. This is a slim volume, just 110 pages, but it is full counter-cultural wisdom from bygone days."

- Laura, from Amazon.


 The book is available for sale at Amazon: "Economy for the Christian Home."

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Lfrench said...

Looking forward to read and study this. Is it available on Amazon?

Kim said...

Mrs. White.
I so enjoy your letter each month! I just ordered your book, and I am looking forward to reading about being a good steward.
By Grace Alone,

Always Learning said...

I just ordered "Living on His Income" yesterday and look forward to reading it. I enjoy your biblical wisdom very much!

Melinda said...

Mrs. White, I ordered your new book today, I can't wait to read it. I've been reading your lovely blog for years, and your gentle words have always been a source of comfort to me. This book couldn't have come at a better time in my life, I'm struggling with giving joyfully. Thank you!