Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Christmas Cheer After the Snowstorm

Christmas Tree with a deer, after a storm at Mrs. White's Home in Vermont. (Dec. 2023)

We had a major snowstorm the other day.  Schools were closed in many areas of the state. The snow was heavy and thick. It fell steadily all through the night.

The next morning, just after the sun was up, I asked my husband to please turn the light on our outdoor Christmas tree and deer. These have been placed on the front grounds of our 2 acre property, here in rural Vermont.    

Once the light was on, I went outside with my camera. I walked carefully among the trees, creating a little path towards the cheerful display.  There were fallen tree branches in our driveway. The power lines were heavy with snow.  There was plenty to worry about. But the beauty of the scene was captivating.

In the quiet of the morning, there was a sense of peace.

Later that night, my husband, who has a better quality camera than mine, offered to get an evening view of the Christmas scene.  


Photo by Mr. White: Evening view of our Christmas Tree. (Dec. 2023)

The snowy landscape, and the quiet rural village, are charming this time of year.  I am finding such peace and happiness just looking out the window or walking in the snow.  

This simple display reminds me of an old time Christmas.  In my childhood home, decorations were very minimal and old fashioned. Our humble home was clean and welcoming. There were no Christmas lights on the outside of the house.  The only thing you saw, in many of the homes in my Massachusetts neighborhood, was a Christmas tree in the living room window.   Back inside, the only other decoration was a nativity scene which was displayed on top of the piano.  This quietness and modesty in seasonal decor was beautiful in its simplicity and kept our focus on what Christmas meant to all of us.

This is the time of year when many seek to spread cheer and goodness.  It is heartwarming.

May you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Mrs. White

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

May your Christmas be a most blessed one, too, Mrs. White!

Patty B said...

A beautiful scene in the snow! I heard about your snowstorm and wondered how you had fared. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and glad that you are all ok.

Lady Locust said...

It might just be my computer, but I can't see your pictures :-(
Regardless, you are quite right in that simple decor does pose less distraction from the real reason 💕

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mrs. White, what a lovely Christmas scene you have on your property. It is so peaceful and lovely to look at. Such lovely snow you have also. I live in Illinois and we will not be having snow this Christmas, but for sure in January and February! Thank you for your blog. I do so enjoy your writings of your simple life. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Elizabethd said...

Your tree is so lovely shining through the snowy darkness.

Mari said...

Such beautiful and peaceful scenes!

Billie Jo said...

Beautiful, Mrs. White. Beautiful. Please send a bit of that snow down here!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you and YOURS! Praying for a GREAT New Year for you and your family! Marsha

Traveling Oltmans said...

What lovely photos, thank you for posting, as always love your blog. Have a very wonderful Christmas!

bunw1125@gmail.com said...

Merry Christmas Mrs. White! Great pic by Mr. White. Stay well.

Mountain Housewife said...

Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed your blog so much over the years and know that you are a great inspiration to me. -Amy Laurie

Wanda said...

How very beautiful. It made my heart smile.

Deanna said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I'd be very pleased to have a white Christmas and New Year this time of the season. It would be a welcomed sight since it has been cold. Finally, I think I'm adjusted now to the change of seasons. Blessings to you, d

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Simple things are those are often those that point us back to our father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I love to read of how you enjoy and appreciate those things and recognize God in it all.

Happy Christmas!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Sarah Coller said...

OH your snow is beautiful! We have yet to get any snow here but it's plenty cold! I've spent the morning hopping around some of my favorite blogs that I've not visited in so long. I even put up a post of my own after all this time! haha! Maybe I'll be able to get back in the swing of blogging. I do miss it. Have a beautiful cozy season!