Friday, June 8, 2012

Cleaning House

Book - Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement

Author - Kay Wills Wyma

Publisher - Waterbrook Press

Paperback, 278 pages

I was so excited to hear about this book.   Many families, in today's culture, are catering to their kids in a way that is harmful to their work ethic.  This generation is fast becoming the worst "me" generation ever created. Kay has found that a large part of this is caused by we mothers who serve and care for our children, too much; while expecting less and less from them.  Children need to work around the house, learn responsibility, and stop being waited on.  She explains that mothers tend to interfere with a child's need to learn from their own mistakes. Her insights are brilliant and make the reader want to cheer!

I love how Kay struggles with procrastination and inconsistencies.  Yet, she forced herself to do this experiment with her children. This will encourage many readers who have trouble staying on top of things.   The fact is, any effort towards teaching children a healthy work ethic, is better than no effort at all.

In this book, Kay describes the events which led to this radical experiment.  There are 12 chapters which cover 12 specific tasks she expected from her children.  Her sense of humor, mingled with her resolve to get the job done makes this a wonderfully enjoyable read.

Some of the tasks she expected from her children include things like:  Cooking, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, maintenance, hospitality and much more. She tells us how it all went down in her house, and gives us hope for our own homes at the same time.

Kay is the mother of five children, ages 4 to 14.  She is a college graduate, and formerly worked with The White House. She lives in Texas with her husband and children.  Read more from Kay - She writes at The Moat Blog.

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Melissa @ Half Dozen Mama said...

This looks really good! What a great idea for a book. I love how the title cuts right to the heart of a problem most of us don't even know we have. This is going on my list to buy!

Wendy said...

I agree with Melissa! This is going on my book list too! I have been aware of this problem with my own children, and I want to do something about it. Thanks for your review. It came at just the right time!

RJ said...

I Loved this book :)

Kay Wyma said...

Thanks for the nice review... such an encouragement for this mom in the thick of it like everyone else :)

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