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Thrift - Home Economy - Index of Featured Articles

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Economy -
"A frugal and judicious use of money." (Webster's 1828)

The following is a list of featured articles. [I will be adding new posts to this list as we go along.] These are  real stories from my own life. You'll see me struggling, and read about answered prayers. In other posts, you will see success and abundance. We all have our times of poverty and of wealth. The goal, however, is to remain steady and controlled, always being careful with our money. It is an ongoing process.

(Most Recent Update: October 25, 2023)

Here is the List:

1. Standard of Living.

2. A New England Winter on a Small Income.

3. The Housekeeper's Budget.

4. Rich and Humble Living.

5. Making Money Last.

6. Poverty in the 1800's.

7. Retirement Planning for the Poor.

8. Poor and Pretty Living.

9. Laundry Trouble.

10. Thrifty Elegance.

11. The Shabby Garden.

12. To Earn and Not to Spend.

13. Mister is Not able to Work.

14. Despairing over the Cold.

15. Living in Reduced Circumstances.

16. Living on Mister's Income.

17. Precious Faith! - All of God's Children Have Shoes.

18.  Surviving Financially.

19. Basic Cookery.

20. Mister's Cadillac.

21. Depending on Mister.

22. Overcoming Hard Times with Grace.

23. My Husband's Money.

24. No Income and the Basics of Life.

25. The Richest Man in Walnut Grove.

26. To Encourage the Downcast Housewife.
27. Focusing on the Blessings at Home.
28.  The Frugal Adventure Begins.
29. Hard Times are Coming.

30.  I Remember Mama - Lessons from a Norwegian Family.

31. To Use Coupons or Not - That is the Question - with lots of stories about Home Economics.

32. The Good Deed Money.

33. How the Old Time Mothers Survived Poverty.

34. Financial Survival in Hard Times. 

35. The History of our Financial Lives.

36. The Homemaker's Despair.

37. Why The High Cost of Food?

38. Building our Homes with Little Money.

39. Building a Strong Work-Ethic in our Children.

40. When There Isn't Much.

41. Despairing over the Household Allowance.

42.  The Thrifty Kitchen.

43. Living Without Credit Cards.

44.  Free Presents for Mother

45.  Financial Separation of the Social Classes.

46. Blue Collar - Working Class - Housewife.

47. Hard Times.

48.  A Vow of Poverty.

49.   Money Can't Fix Everything.

50.  Mothers with Christmas Courage.

51. How to Live on a Low Income

52. Drastically Reducing the Grocery Budget.  

53. Days without Spending Money.

54. Shopping once a Year

55. Adapting to the High Cost of Living

56. Old Time Homemaking (Living on a Small Income). 

(More coming soon!)

Mrs. White

(Most Recent Update: October 25, 2023)

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busymomof10 said...

Wow! These look great! I can't wait to read and learn from your life story!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to dig into these! The Lord is really speaking to me for awhile about being a good steward of His resources to our family. Your blog has helped so much with that.

God bless!

Lisa C. from the Crew

Unknown said...

Hello Mrs. White;)
Just going back through your wonderful, inspiring posts on Home Economy. Just needed some encouragement.
God bless