Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cleaning your Lovely Home -Housekeeping - Index of Featured Articles

Library of Congress:  Teaching to sew, 1890's, Henry J Bracker

To have a tidy, welcoming home is such a blessing to all who enter. While it is not always possible to keep everything spotless, there are ways of keeping it neat. Here is an index of Featured Articles specifically on cleaning.  The following list include my personal stories, how-tos, and what I've learned. Some are sad, and some are cheerful.  I hope they encourage you, give you some fun ideas, help avoid weariness, and make you smile!

1. The Kitchen is Ready!

2. The Basics of Lovely Housekeeping.

3. Nobody Wants to Clean a Messy House.

4. A Home without Clutter.

5. The Secret to a Clean House.

6. The First Housekeeping Day of the Year.

7. Housekeeping with Mister.

8. The Cleanest House Ever!

9. Chore Letters for My Children.

10. Ten Children and Housekeeping.

11.  20-Minutes a Day - Spring Cleaning Begins Today.

12. Clean your house in 2 Hours a Day.

13.  The Maid was Here. 

14. Housekeeping - with a Will.

15. The Joy of a Clean Kitchen.

16. A Cheerful and Willing Housekeeper.

17. Cleaning the Museum. 

18. A Beautiful - Clean House - in Just 30 Days!

19. The Kitchen Martyr 

20. Neglecting the Housework.

21. Spring Housekeeping in Winter.

22. Diary of a Clean House.

23.  Days of Housekeeping.

(More coming soon!)

Mrs. White


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Moss said...

Beautiful, encouraging blog you have here. I really struggle with balancing our home-keeping, homeschooling, errands, field trips and other engagements. Sometimes it's chaos in motion, but like I tell my daughter: Practice makes progress. =)

Thank You Sincerely,

~Carla M. Turner

Amy Maze said...

You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for all of your writing. I LOVE being a keeper of my home, but I sometimes get tired and discouraged amongst little ones and big messes =) You have encouraged me to do better today.