Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing up Ziglar

Book - Growing up Ziglar by Julie Ziglar Norman

Publisher - Guideposts

Paperback, 170 pages

We've all heard of Zig Ziglar, the motivational speaker who has helped change many lives for the good.  His upbeat, positive outlook on life has inspired a nation.  His daughter Julie wrote a book about her life of repeatedly making mistakes and wrong choices.  Despite growing up in such a privileged household, Julie lived a negative, destructive life. I love how she doesn't blame her parents. She knows she made her own choices. She adores her famous father and has been there for him and helped him with his work for her entire life. 

Julie's story will encourage many people for a variety of reasons:

1.   Mothers will see that no matter how hard we work as parents, our children will still make their own decisions. This encourages us tremendously! 

2.  Those who have had a difficult life, like Julie, will be comforted, supported, and find hope in achieving a good future, despite a painful past.  Julie does an incredible job of describing very painful circumstances in her life. These may bring tears to your eyes, like it did to me.  But her guidance and advice through her words, will certainly bring healing to those who are suffering.

3.  Christians looking for God's will in their  life, will find instruction and hope in Julie's story.

4.  One of the most profound messages in this book is that God loves us dearly and accepts us right where we are. Julie discusses how terrible she felt after trying so hard to do right, but kept falling back into sin.  When she finally broke this cycle and understood God's incredible grace, she was able to heal. Because of this, her life began to bear fruit, and be a blessing to others.

5. Those who struggle with a difficult marriage, will be greatly encouraged by Julie's triumphant marriage testimony.

6. The loving Father, Daughter relationship of Julie and Her father is precious!

This Guideposts book would make an excellent addition to any Church library, where congregants could easily borrow a copy. It would also be wonderful for home libraries. I hope that people share copies of this with one another, or buy extra for gifts.  The message is that important!

*Disclosure - I received this book  for review purposes. It is part of a Litfuse blog tour. *

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