Sunday, October 11, 2009

Review Bible History Timeline

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Product: Amazing Bible World History Timeline

Publisher: Bible Charts and Maps, LLC

Price: $29.97

With your purchase you will receive two free downloads:
1. Interactive Maps of the Holy Land (a $14.97 value)
2. Digital Amazing Bible Timeline (also a $14.97 value)

*I received a free copy of this map, from the publisher, for the purpose of sharing my opinion. *

The idea for a Bible Time line, which includes both world and Bible history is intriguing. I thought this was a wonderful idea. We took the map out of the box and placed it on our dining room table. It is enormous and measures 38" x 46." The dates go from 4000 BC to 2000 AD.

The children and I started reading this. There is a lot of small print and it is quite overwhelming. I was a little concerned, though, when I read the following quotes (printed directly on the map):

“One can realize the difficulty in arranging a chart of this character in the light of extreme and contradictory accounts for all dates previous to about 1000 BC.”

“The Author [of this map] has followed the more conservative writers, and trusts the student will take all dates and data which are not well established as being suggestive only.”

These quotes really startled me. My problem with the map is this:

Children are very quick to memorize and digest facts, whether or not they are true. It scared me to think of them as reading these entries (which seem to be entirely trustworthy), and then considering it all truth. We, as a family, do a lot of studying and I am very careful about what we read. Whatever goes into our minds tends to stay there. I do not feel like this is a safe or appropriate product for our family. For this reason, I cannot recommend this product.

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