Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Visit From Our Estate

Garden Detail, San Domenico Palace Hotel, Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Last week I bought some flower seeds and other items and started dreaming about spring. Since the weather is so warm here in Vermont, it makes me think spring will come sooner than expected.

I already started some early spring cleaning.  I hope to wash the windows tomorrow morning and, perhaps, begin washing the drapes.

Today I baked a chocolate bundt cake and covered it with fudge frosting and powdered sugar. It was a nice treat. I had a small, French-sized, piece with a hot cup of tea, in the late afternoon.

Our wood stove is blazing and keeps the house cozy and warm. The snow outside is beautiful and peaceful. We live in a quiet community in a rural area. 

I want to re-read Jane Austen's Emma starting tomorrow.  I will take my time with it, reading a little here-and-there.  Classic literature adds something special to our lives. I still remember the excitement of finishing Dombey and Son last winter. Such a precious story, for those fireside readings!

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun and peaceful time! :) It is really sunny here too... Emma is on my to-be-read-soon list...that and Persuasion are the two JEs that I have left to read! As for the other book you mentioned, I've not heard of that...will have to look it up! :)

Have a great day!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Deanna said...

Mrs. White,
Sweet blessings to you this day.

Counting the days till Spring has sprung. Our front flower bed has the tops of flowers popping through the ground. The green warms my heart.

God bless!

Cathy said...

Oh, thank you for reminding me...my front porch flower bed has crocuses beginning to bloom, and the daffodil leaves are up. The heather is blooming too. Sure is nice, and I had almost forgotten to enjoy it all!