Sunday, February 8, 2015

Waiting for Mister

Hoje Taastrup Church, Outside Copenhagen

I looked out the kitchen window as I washed dishes before sunrise. I could see Mister's garage.  Often he has a light on out there and the wood stove going. He does projects and works on his car while I am sleeping.  Sometimes he can see me through the kitchen window.  He will go outside and wave.  He has his warm coat, hat, and gloves on.  Then I know he will come indoors for coffee, because he sees that I am awake.  

Other times, I am by the parlour window in the evening, waiting for him to come home. I watch the street and the driveway, looking forward to his return from an errand or from work. 

Many years ago, while 9 months pregnant with our fourth child, I waited for Mister to come home, and had fallen asleep.  Sometime in the middle of the night I received a phone call from the police.  My husband had been in a car accident on the way home from work and was in the hospital.  Someone had to drive me to see him.  I had Grandpa stay with my young children, and Grandmother took me to see Mister.   He had been hit by a drunk driver and our car had been totalled.  He was out of work for many months during his recovery.  But he was okay.

Whenever Mister is away from home, and I am waiting for him, I always pray that he gets home safely, that he is able to get back to this lovely home he provides for us.  We all miss him when he is not here.  Waiting for Mister is a precious time of thinking about him, praying for him, and missing him.  After more than a quarter of a century of marriage, through many trials and tribulations, our relationship has weathered many storms.  This has created a mutual bond of deep and genuine attachment and a love that has been tried, and proven unbreakable. 

Mrs. White

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Angell said...

Very sweet post Mrs. White!

My hubby is home right now on Worker's Comp and it's been hard, yet enjoyable being home all day together. Definitely a test to the marriage lol. I can say we are passing!

I wrote about you recently on my blog :)


and here:

oh, and here too:

Rachel and Family said...

I wish I was better at that. Sometimes, I am anxious when my husband comes home and treat him like an interruption. I am so sorry when I feel this way and wish I would stop. It's hard for me not to match his mood when he comes home all gruff/tired.
I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. Thank you for your time to teach us!

Anonymous said...

When I was young my mother came home late because she had been in a car accident. When my husband is a little late I always start to worry. He is very good about calling me if he will be late because of that. These are the little gifts that mean so much in a marriage.

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful, plain way of writing. I'm a recent subscriber. Thank you for this encouraging post!

Ellen said...

Lovely post and beautifully written, as always. My husband and I have been married almost 18 years, and I am amazed and comforted at how our relationship has changed over time and trials. I, too, miss him when he is away and always await his return with expectation and happiness.

Gentle Joy said...

This is beautiful.... and so important. :)

Suanna said...

I love having my husband home. I wait for him and feel nervous when I hear sirens close to when I am expecting him. I am glad when he walk through the door and so are my children who usually rush to meet him with calls of "Daddy's home!".

God's Grace Overflows said...

It's very important to pray for our husbands. They work hard to provide and when there are trials and such it's nice to know that we can hold on and know that we have each other to get through those hard times.

I'm so glad that he was okay after that accident.

I found your blog through Harvest Lane Cottage, very sweet blog you have.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful thought provoking post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

Unknown said...

Thank God your husband survived and healed from a terrible accident. You are a good wife! I'm your neighbor at the Wise Woman's linkup ~gina

Naomi said...

Mrs. White...You share a real reminder that we never know what our days will hold. So, being in prayer for our husbands is very needed. Thank you for sharing your story and the encouragement. Grateful you shared at Monday's Musings.

living from glory to glory said...

I want to say that after reading this post, it has confirmed why I always watch for my dear Hubbies return! He is gone for very long periods! But I have a single candle that always burns to keep the light on for him. He is loved and honored for his commitment to me and his family. He is a man worth watching and waiting for!