Monday, December 5, 2011

A Home with Character

English Cottage IV

I love strolling through old neighborhoods and seeing the lovely old houses. My favorite place to walk is on Main Street in Hingham, Massachusetts. The houses are hundreds of years old. They are large and elaborate and amazing!

I love seeing wrought iron gates, stately trees and towering windows. I wonder if the people inside are having tea time in the drawing room? Or are they sitting together near the fire, while one of them reads aloud from Great Expectations?

Every day, I strive to make my house look like it has character. But it needs a "keeper" to do all the work.  Sometimes I have trouble organizing my time enough to do those little things that bring out the best in this old estate.

So today, I will do a little extra work around here. It will be a work of love - the love of character. Then perhaps, when twilight comes, I will sit near the fire and read from Dickens.

Mrs. White

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Ann said...

I love Hingham! My Father-in-law grew up there and always has stories to tell about this house or that and whose mailbox they stole when he was a kid. Driving through there is so much fun with him!

Cassidy said...

I have started from the beginning and am reading all through your blog and it is helping me so much to love my work at home. Your being so open really brings it all as if you were my neighbor. You used to read my blog but I took a long time from blogging as we moved back home and many more things. I am writing again. I started back last night and will be writing most days now. I'd love to invite you back to my blog. Thank you for all the ways you have blessed me through your writings. I am a full Southern girl, born and raised. I love your endearment of the south and I love it as well. We live in a tiny, close knit town and it is wonderful. I need to share more about it in my writings. Blessings! Cassidy

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