Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Homemaking Lesson Learned from Mother White

A Girl Knitting by the Window

I learned to knit and crochet, as a young girl. One of my Aunts taught me some basic stitches. I continued to work with yarn on my own, until I was in my mid-teen years. . . By then I was too busy to bother with it anymore.

Somehow, I forgot how to do it. . .

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child. I was living with my husband's parents for a short time.  I spent each day, at home, with Mother White (my husband's mother). She was the classic housewife and kept a lovely home.  We would sit in the livingroom every afternoon and crochet while watching her soap operas.

I remember her re-teaching me how to work with the yarn. She would teach me a few stitches and then head into the kitchen to greet one of her visitors, or start cooking. I remember, repeatedly going back to her and saying, "What was I supposed to do?" or "How do I do that stitch again?" She patiently showed me, with a kind smile, and was proud of my efforts.

I never saw Mother White with a pattern, or book of stitches. She knew them in her mind, just like she knew her recipes.  Because of the stitches she taught me, I still remember exactly how to crochet her way. To this very day, I can crochet a baby bonnet, blanket, or scarf from memory without having to think about it. The pattern is permanently embedded in my mind, where Mother White carefully, and patiently, passed it on to me - just like a valuable family recipe.

Mrs. White

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Sarah said...

What a blessing to have that influence in your life! My daughter learned from an elderly lady in our community this past summer and I'm hoping she can teach me and her sisters this next summer!

Have a lovely day,

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Laura in AZ said...

Hi Mrs. White,
My mother in law taught me some basic embroidery stitches, which I love and have used to add a little color to all kinds of little things around the house.
I'm enjoying your other site, too, by the way!

Cathy said...

Just saw your other site. How exciting for you to start a new venture. The post about your sewing box really made me smile. I had just been thinking lately that I enjoy my small, pretty sewing basket. I love keeping it on a shelf in the living room. It's enjoyable to do little mending jobs, when we are sitting in the living room. Plus, it's homey-looking.

Kasey said...

How I would to learn! I have tried teaching myself, but I really do best if I can watch and learn! Your mother-in-law has blessed you in a way that will continue through the years!

Kristin said...

I love this! My grandmother taught me how to crochet, while sharing stories of when she was about my age and her aunt taught her. It is nice for things to be passed down from generation to generation.

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