Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Treasure for my Home Library

A Still Life with Yellow Roses

A large package arrived today. It contained The Complete Works of John Wesley, in 7 volumes. This includes his sermons, correspondence, and journal. I have wanted this set for many years but kept putting it off. It was always too much money. Each year, I would look to see if it was still for sale. But this month, when I checked, I found the set had gone out of print. I was not pleased. Used copies were selling for $80 and up. 

I contacted the publisher and found they had a set in new condition for the original price. I checked with Mr. White and he agreed for me to place the order. I was delighted. It was one of those requests where I sweetly said, "It will be my mother's day present, and birthday present for many years." (gentle smiles) Of course, we don't normally spend so frivolously. But it is an excellent investment I will use for a long time. I intend to pass the set down, as part of our estate, to our children and grandchildren.

Early this evening, I sat in an antique chair, near the lamp in my parlour. I looked through a few of the volumes and read several passages.  I was amazed and delighted with my new literary treasure which contains thousands of pages. The text was written in the 1700's and is complete and unabridged. It contains much instruction, wisdom, and inspiration for holiness.

I am grateful that after times of struggling financially, and dealing with the ups and downs of thrift and the feeling of want, that we actually had the funds for these books.

I am sure we will have more difficult days ahead. But for today, I am happy with this wonderful investment of books for our estate.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Books like this are a treasure worth investing in-because, after all, you are too!

I am reading through an old Charles Spurgeon book! What great convicting thoughts to think upon!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. I have prayed books in my home and the Lord has so blessed me many a time. You are a dear and although I have never met you I feel so blessed to be a "friend" because of your blog. Thank you for sharing and blessing me with your heart. Melinda

Bethany said...

Good books are one of the most valuable things in the world :) They are worth more than we pay for them!

Deanna said...

so happy for you!!!

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