Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introduction to Our Homeschool Parlor

Very soon I am going to begin writing about homeschooling. I have been chosen as a Crew Member for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and will be doing reviews for several products throughout the year. (This is a volunteer opportunity for which I am grateful.)I will be given products for free in exchange for writing my opinion and / or sharing how our family used them.

I started homeschooling when my oldest was 2 years old. We did preschool work and she learned all her letters very quickly. She was a fluent reader at the age of four. I graduated her from our homeschool when she was 16. She went on to a technical, one-year college at 17 and graduated when she was 18. She has been living on her own ever since, and is now 21. She is a licensed cosmetologist. I have four other children that have been homeschooled all their lives.

2. My second child graduated at 16, went on to earn her G.E.D., attended our local community college for one year at 18, attended one semester at a state college (while living in a dorm), and is now back home in community college continuing to work towards her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Her goal is to become a Para-Legal. She will turn 20 this week.

3. My third child is chronically ill. (age 16) He has not yet finished homeschool but is taking a break for the summer. His goal is to earn his G.E.D. He is not sure what he will do after that, but is a talented song-writer and has been working on writing screenplays.

4. My fourth child is 14 and still being homeschooled. She takes private piano lessons and attends a local dance school. She currently takes ballet, tap and jazz. She is also a writer.

5. My fifth child is 11. He has dyslexia and has a special curriculum that I use to work with him. He is progressing slowly, but eager to learn.

6. In our small home daycare, we do pre-school work with one child, who is 4 years old.

I would enjoy sharing my experiences with you and helping in any way possible. Please understand that my children are average with average intelligence. Like myself, none of them are brilliant enough to attend Harvard. We are just an ordinary, regular family with simple goals. My advice, opinion, comments, etc. are geared for the average family.

In our homeschool parlor, I hope you enjoy hearing our stories, learn along with us and have a good visit. These will be irregular posts in addition to my regular blogging here at The Legacy of Home.

Mrs. White

Edited update - October 23, 20011. 
I was a Crew member from April 2009 through August 2011 and had a wonderful time.  My children are even older now and I am only homeschooling my youngest, who is 14. The rest have graduated or are just about to graduate.


Tovah said...

I love the idea of your homeschool parlor.

Beth (aka Tovah)