Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's School Lesson

I started our new summer program yesterday. I give each child a bundle of assignments, from a variety of sources, including text books,, and library books. Well, today, Amy had a difficult Math page to do that overwhelmed her. She was mad at first (smiles) because it was hard work. It was from L. George Saad math level 12. Here is one of the problems:

You subtracted 3,872 from a number,
and then multiplied by 4.
The answer was 9,204.
What was the number?

She thought about it. . .Her eyes widened. . . She cringed. . . then she looked at me with pleading "deer caught in the headlight" eyes and said quietly...... " the book disappear!"

Well, I helped her make a chart to solve it and then she did it. But she amused me and I had to share!

Hey, who knows the answer to the problem?

Mrs. White
Edited update: See the comment section.


Deanna said...

Bless her heart!
Very honest reply though.

May you have a sparkling 4th of July!
God Bless,

Lori said...

That is so cute! I can just picture a little girl trying to solve this. :)
Is the answer 6,128?? We are out of school for the summer...usually I sorta turn off my brain while we're off! LOL!

Tricia said...

I'm with Nicole!! No way. We are doing a bunch of reading for the summer. Yesterday we went to the library with our list and checked out tons of books. Then on to the park where we laid on blankets, read and ate junk food!! Totally fun. The kids want to do it every week. Perhaps next time I'll prepare better by having more nutritional food on hand rather than running in Walmart for whatever pleases the eyes!!

Mrs. White said...

Edited update:

Okay, here is how to solve it:

First, make a "chart"

(a) ________ - 3872 = (b)_______ x 4 = 9204

The answer we are looking for is in the first blank spot (a).

To find the answer, we do everything backwards:

4 divided by 9204 = 2301 (b)

2301 + 3872 = 6173 (a)

So (a), our missing number, is: 6173.

Now, let's check our work:

6173 - 3872 = 2301 x 4 = 9204

Do the problem on a calculator and see if it comes out right.
I believe this is right, but let me know if I made a mistake!!

Earlier today, I asked my 20 year old, Nicole, to solve this. She is very low on money so I offered her one entire dollar bill if she did it! She looked at it for a couple of minutes and then said, "No way. I'd rather pay you a dollar NOT to have to do it!"

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